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03-01: Ten side projects I want to start soon

I plan to write 10 ideas every day for the next 30 days. Then see if I can make it to 365.

    1. A website to view most crypto assets prices and correlation to other asset classes

    Using APIs to pull data and do some data crunching. A way to learn more about crypto assets

    2. A series of blogs about managing multicultural teams

    This is a topic that is dear to me. I learned the hard way that managing a multicultural team without a culture map is a recipe for failure.

    3. A book about How to Innovate on top of the Giant AWS.

    I have built many MVPs on the cloud using managed services. Using the right architecture and managed services can save months and even years. I will break down.

    4. A SaaS website to learn how SaaS architecture works

    I would like to understand how to build a SaaS business, what metrics to look at, etc. The best way to learn is to build, and share the learning.

    5. Build a whole SaaS business

    Take the learning from the MVP and build a SaaS business 100% remote.

    6. Create a Cohort based course to teach about how to design and build a SaaS business

    Teach what I learn from building a SaaS business

    7. Write a blog series about build Sustainable business models using exponential technologies

    I want to learn everything about sustainability and bake it into business models. And learn how to use digital/exponential technologies to build sustainable solutions.

    8. Mint an NFT to learn more about them

    I want to learn more about NFTs and how they can make the world a better place

    9. Create a GitHub repo with all the learning I gained by taking Kubernetes exam

    I passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. It was hard but fun. And I came across many resources and materials that I think can be useful if categorized in a certain way.

    10. List 10 ways to 10X my companies and implement at least 1.

    I have been struggling with 10X thinking. I still think in 2X or 3X.
    10X thinking is a whole different way of thinking. It involves pathways thinking, mentored, etc. I am hoping the idea generation will help.
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