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#1 Songs in Canada in 2020

I am doing my random searches. I came across this GEM as soon as I sat down. This is what people were listening to as the pandemic started. I think it correlates. In this post I am going to have Canada represent all of North America..

    1. All I Want for Christmas is You- Mariah Carey

    LOL! I laughed when I saw this. But it kind of makes sense. Life was just normal on January 4th. Some people were getting some nasty cold but had no idea what it was. The rest of us were just living our regular old holiday life. Jammin to some Mariah Carey.

    2. Dance Monkey- Tonnes and I

    January 11th and 18th. I saw we because I am close enough to Canada to feel Canadian. I wonder what the USA charts were. Anyways.. Great song. Super fun to dance to. We were ready for 2020!!

    3. The Box- Roddy Ricch

    January 25- March 28th. I really can't explain this one. It was awful. Luckily it didn't really make it into the pandemic. My thoughts are that people sat around listening to it when they were stuck inside and were like WTF??

    4. Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

    April 4th to May 2nd. This is totally a great way to start the pandemic. It's a great song. the first words "I've been on my own for long enough" About a month in. I was feeling that. I would totally have related. I think I was watching Tiger King though.

    5. The Scotts- The Scotts, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi

    May 9th. Canada banned all assault weapons that week. I feel like it correlates somehow. They talk about cops outside and locking up the house.

    6. Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

    May 16th. We we're still feeling lonely.

    7. Stuck with you- Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

    "all this time on our hands, might as well cancel our plans" Sounds like pandemic talk. Another song I am not a fan of but it's Canada. They love Bieber. May 23rd

    8. Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

    May 30th

    9. Rain on Me - Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

    Totally a club song. June 6th. They just keep saying rain over and over again. It could be the rain or the fact that clubs weren't really a thing June 2020.

    10. Roses- Saint Jhn

    Another club song. I can't understand the lyrics. Maybe I am not the right person to be doing this. I like the beat better. Maybe that's why it lasted longer. June 13-July 11

    11. Rockstar- Dababy featuring Roddy Ricch

    Talking about guns again. July 18th I started getting into. It's got a beat. It's what you play on the way to the club. Good car dancing song.

    12. Roses- Saint Jhn

    July 25th

    13. Popstar- DJ Khaled Featuring Drake

    The voices are not great. Is that Drake's voice.. :I. August 1st. Please go and listen to the song and let me know if that is what Drake sounds like. Is he famous for his voice? or is it his looks?

    14. Roses- Saint Jhn

    August 8th

    15. Savage Love- Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo

    August 15th. I can't get into a man with that voice singing "Savage" love. I feel like I need a more savage voice.

    16. WAP -Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B

    I love this song just because they say what they say. Like Yessss girl. Men say stuff like this all the time in music. Women doing it feels empowering. I won't go around singing it but at home. Maybe. I think this should have been #1 the rest of the year. It wasn't.

    17. Mood- 24kGoldn Featuring Iann Dior

    September 26. K I dig it. I can see why this came up next.

    18. Holy- Justin Bieber featuring Chance the Rapper

    He's got a great voice. October 3rd. I like this song.

    19. Mood- 24kGoldn Featuring Iann Dior

    October 10-24

    20. Lonely-Justin Bieber with Benny Blanco

    Seriously he's a great singer. October 31. Pandemic, yup lonely. I could relate.

    21. Positions- Ariana Grande

    November 7th. Eh. I am guessing some people could relate to this song. Couples perhaps.

    22. Mood- 24kGoldn Featuring Iann Dior

    November 14-28. It's good. I am guessing the canadians couldn't handle the WAP. lol.

    23. Monster- Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

    2 Canadians. December 5th, Why does this feel like a winter song to me. It feels wintery. Is it just me? I think Justin Bieber was just working through some stuff.

    24. Mood- 24kGoldn Featuring Iann Dior

    December 12-19th

    25. Willow- Taylor Swift

    Totally a winter song. Calming. December 26th. I'd listen to this by the fire.

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