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The Victim Triangle - 10 Things You Need To Know

The victim triangle is quite powerful in its simplicity. It's a bit of a conundrum when you try to work this out in your head but when you experience it - all of your questions will fall away.

Notice that the 2 triangles form a diamond. Think about all of the wonderful properties that a diamond has.

The top triangle is what is known as the Victim's Triangle (Love doesn't and can't live here) You must step out of the Triangle to experience Love.

The inverted triangle is the same triangle reimagined. This is the Godhead - The Holy Trinity (This has nothing to do with Christianity or any organized religion). Look at the content don't get tripped up by the form or titles.

This Victim's Triangle is present everywhere. Case in point (Will Smith - Victimizer - Chris Rock - Victim, Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington (Visible Heroes) Everybody who had advice for Chris and Will about what they should or shouldn't have done - those that knows what's best for others (Invisible Heroes)

You only have two choices: 1. You can step out of the Victim's Triangle and not allow that be your cross to bear. 2. You can go deeper into the Victim's Triangle and realize you are not a victim, there are no victimizers, and you don't need a hero to come and save you.

    1. Rumi said - Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

    2. Here are ways to step out of the Victim's Triangle: take a deep breath, do nothing, don't react, make no judgments, draw no conclusions, no action or reaction, no fixing

    3. Here are ways to go deeper into the triangle if you want to go the other route. See the Light, Beauty, Love in the other person. You can't do this without also noticing it in yourself.

    4. Every problem is coupled with the solution. The minute the problem was born it gave birth to the solution simultaneously.

    5. Every crime scene has it's own natural pattern. When you try and clean up the crime scene it looks staged and you do more damage than you would if you just left it as it is. No one needs you to be their hero. No one needs you to play God.

    6. If you stay in the triangle without going deep you will lose - everybody loses.

    7. If you stay in the triangle and you go deep - everybody wins.

    8. Honestly, we don't know. I mean can you say that you know what's going to happen in your life from day to day? Of course not. Then how can we feel so certain about all the other things that happen not involving you?

    9. There are no victims. There are no victimizers. There are no heroes. I'm responsible for what shows up in my space and you are responsible for what shows up in your space whether or not we believe we have created it.

    10. If you're hurting, unhappy, broke, alone, angry, upset, envious, or condescending, fear, rage, disgust, sadness, or annoyance would you be willing to at least look at the situation differently?

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