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10 4th of July Things

10 4th of July Things

    1. Don’t Be Stupid With Fireworks

    Yes, they're fun. No, they're not safe. Don't hold a Roman candle or try to troubleshoot a dud skyrocket after you've lit the fuse. You want all your limbs for next year. 

    2. Think About the Guts it Took to Declare Independence

    Also, remember that all movements of this nature are some powerful people disagreeing with some other powerful people. That's not to take away from the bravery and vision of the founders. Yet, the history books make it seem like the people rose up and told England to stuff it. Not even close. There were so many citizens still loyal to the crown even after the war. Remember it's not a clean story. It never is. 

    3. Think About How You’re Using Your Liberty

    Freedom is the wrong word. If you were truly free you'd probably lose your mind and/or life. Liberty is what Americans want most of all. The ability to carry on with as few intrusions as possible by neighbor or state. There are still guardrails with Liberty. What are you doing with yours?

    4. Make a Red White and Blue Cake

    Simple recipe:

    - Pound cake or other white cake base

    - whipped cream frosting 

    - Blueberries for the stars

    - Strawberries for the red stripes

    Both fruits are in season so they'll be peak delicious.

    5. Be Grateful for America

    No nation is perfect. America is no exception, but it's pretty awesome. If you are American, enjoy the prosperity we have today. Use the opportunity as a springboard to higher achievement. 

    And, most importantly, NEVER SHORT AMERICA. Ever. Your portfolio will thank you.

    6. Never Short America

    Had to make it its own list item. It's that important.

    7. Enjoy the Sunshine, Have a Picnic

    8. Summer Sports with Your Family

    9. Sunrise, they’re amazing

    Especially over a woodland lake.

    10. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island

    I used to be a competitive eater. I love watching these people put their literal guts to the test. Joey Chestnut is unstoppable. 
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