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10 Activities That Make Me Feel Good

    1. A walk/ Hike in nature.

    In CT there are tons of trails that are great because we dont have high elevations so you can do them relatively quickly every day.

    2. Bodysurfing

    Love the beach and getting in the waves and connecting with the ocean.

    3. Walking the beach barefoot

    Any season, but particularly in the early fall when the water temps are still warm and the air is crisp. In general "grounding" or "earthing" but the beach is my favorite way to do it.

    4. Sunning

    Love the feeling of sun hitting me on the face, hard to get in winters in new england but I take advantage when I can.

    5. Drinking Ice Cold Water

    The colder the better. Not sure of any positives or negative but i like my water basically about to turn to ice.

    6. Bruins Games

    whether watching them live or at home when they are on the road i rarely miss a second.

    7. Live Comedy

    Try to get to at least one standup show a month. I don't quite hit that but i probably see 10 shows a year. Around me there aren't really clubs like the store or the stand where you can see random comics all night do 10-15 min sets. I have to go to headliner shows but I see comedians i like when they come around.

    8. Live Music

    I get to more music than comedy but I also probably see 10-15 concerts a year as well

    9. Eating Breakfast Out

    Whether a crappy diner or a extraordinary cafe, breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. French toast and omelettes are a staple.

    10. Reading a book on my porch in the evening.

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