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10 affordable & potentially life changing products

    1. Running shoes

    A good pair of shoes can take you anywhere, help you get in shape, build good habits and complety change your self-esteem. 

    2. Natural light alarm clock

    Noisy alarms can cause you to wake up in a state of anxiety. Switching to a simulated sunrise feels so much more natural and helps get the day started on a better foot. 

    3. Notepad / Planner / Journal (or app)

    A place to record and organize your thoughts is a key to a successful day for me. It helps me observe what thoughts are fleeting and tune into recurring themes. Further, planning and tracking progress towards goals helps you stay focused on what us imortabt to you. 

    It also feels AMAZING to check tasks off a to-do list. 

    4. Refillable water bottle

    Hydration is KEY. It's supports all your bodily functions and having a quality bottle to keep cold, refreshing water on hand is good for you and the environment. 

    5. Noise cancelling headphones

    I struggle with attention issues and my headphones help me tune in to tune out. I love all kinds of music, which has the added benefit of creating serotonin, but occasionally I just put in white or gray noise to tune out distractions from the outside world. Make any space your head space. 

    6. Kindle + Library Card

    I love to read and my kindle allows me to download thousands of e-books from the library FOR FREE from anywhere in the world, after a small upfront investment for the device. 

    Though I do long turning the pages of a real book. 

    7. Wristwatch

    Keep the time but keep your phone in your pocket. This might seem silly, but how often do you check the time and then spend 45 minutes browsing social media? Plus it might give a distinguished look to your wardrobe. 

    8. Online Courses

    I have learned the following topics through free or <$200 online courses supplemented by independent practice. There thousands of skills you can learn online. 

    -financial modeling

    -video editing

    -statistics in R

    -matrix algebra in Matlab

    -automating routine tasks with Python

    I have also learned the following for free from YouTube (some of which are monetizable skills)

    -replacing an alternator in a 2011 Honda Accord

    -tying a bow tie 

    -repairing the screen of an iPhone 6 and MS Surface Tablet 

    -creating an effective sales pitch 

    If you get good enough at any of these things you can probably sell that skill to others or perform it as a service and pay others to do the rest for you. 

    9. Skin care routine

    Harvard researcher David Sinclair has found that protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a key aspect of slowing biological aging. 

    Anectdotal observer Caffeinatedwater also claims that keeping a pair of boots moisturized and polished can greatly extend their life and perceived value and that skin is no different.  

    A healthy complexion can give you confidence and we all know other people reflect the self-value you convey outwardly. 

    10. Kettlebell

    No single piece of fitness equitment has more potential uses and can offer as comprehensive of a total body workout as a kettlebell. 

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