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10 alternatives to a Criminal Justice degree to consider...

H/T @wyip

Many college students seeking a career in law enforcement naturally gravitate towards a criminal justice degree. This is as plain jane generic and un-interesting to recruiters as can be. Even in cases where a bachelor's degree is required or highly recommended for a position, it doesn't have to be in criminal justice. What are some degree options.

I worked in law enforcement for over 25 years. What was my major? Believe it or not, I studied Meteorology & Oceanography.

    1. Pursue a degree in something you are really interested in.

    That innate interest will likely lead to better performance and higher grades. That may be something that catches a recruiter's eye.

    2. Sociology

    3. Psychology

    4. Accounting

    Ever hear the term "Follow the Money"?

    5. Consider pursuing a law degree.

    6. Chemistry

    or biochemistry

    7. A foreign language / culture degree.

    8. Communications

    Another fairly generic choice, but it offers lots of options.

    9. Consider working as a Corrections Officer.

    Often a more accessible entry path than some other fields in the Criminal Justice realm. And often just as many opportunities inside the walls as on the street. Even if this ends up not being a career, the people skills you will learn will be invaluable in any endeavor you pursue.

    10. Military Police

    Every branch of the Armed Forces has a law enforcement career path. This can provide an alternative to the traditional college path. You may even end up being paid to attend college while serving.

    11. Cyber

    Schools call this many different things, but they all cover roughly the same material.

    12. Public Administration

    It may sound boring, but this is the meat and potatoes of almost every law enforcement department out there.

    13. if you have your heart set on Criminal Justice as a major,

    ...that's great. Your motivation and interest will likely cause you to do well. But I would still encourage you to find an additional edge or niche through careful choice of electives, taking a minor, or even a dual major.

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