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10 Arizona Changes

I moved to Arizona May 1. Here are some changes I’ve noticed.

    1. Getting a Tan

    I’m getting a tan. I haven’t had a real tan in years. My skin is already darker than in decades.

    2. My Chronic Cough is Gone

    I had a cough for months that now is inexplicably gone. My chest no longer seems to need to be cleared out.

    3. Grapefruit Juice

    Every day I have fresh squeezed grapefruit juice from grapefruit that I pick from the yard. It’s simply amazing.

    4. I swim everyday.

    I swim and use the outdoor hot tub every single day, sometimes twice a day. Water is so relaxing. I haven’t been in the pool so much since I was a teenager.

    5. Tacos

    We now eat three things, fresh corn tortillas, flour tortillas, and crispy tostadas. We have lots of different things to put on it but it’s light and fast and not heavy like the soups and stews we were eating in cold Idaho.

    6. Dark Eye Circles

    I have had dark circles under my eyes for a long time but now that my face is so much more tanned it’s much less noticeable. Maybe I was just pale LOL.

    7. Humidifier

    This is the first place I’ve ever lived where humidifiers are common in homes especially in a bedroom to help sleep at night. It helps to not wake up with such a dry mouth and throat and a lot of people report sleeping better having a humidifier.

    8. English, Spanish, Navajo

    In Canada everything was in English and French. In the northwest everything was English in Spanish. When I went to get my drivers license in Arizona the signs are in English Spanish and Navajo. What a difference a state makes.

    9. Dress is Super Casual

    It seems like 95% of people here wear shorts and from what I understand that’s all year round. I’ve been here a month and I still haven’t been anywhere where people are dressed up yet. I can’t remember seeing a tie here yet.

    10. Temperature Means Nothing

    Because it is so dry here, the temperature is not nearly as noticeable. When it was 100° in Idaho it was intolerable. But here, it can be 97 at 9 o’clock at night and it’s refreshing and the breeze actually feels cool. There’s really something about the dry heat that means you have to throw out all of your notions of what “hot” really is.
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