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10 bits of advice that will change someones life

Just a few tips that could help someone today. If you've read any of my posts before, you'll be familiar with most.

    1. Focus on what moves the needle

    You could be focusing you mind right now on how your previous Boss gossiped about you (which you can't change) or on your biggest priorities.

    Focus can take you at the speed of light to where you want to go… but also in the wrong direction:

    Focusing on the right things creates quantum leaps
    Focusing on the wrong things drains your confidence, health & bank account.

    Focus on what moves the needle.

    2. Learn how to manage your Finances

    First true freedom is living below your means. Most millionaries live on this principle while broke people are focused on impressing others.

    Second if you want to stop asking where all you money is going - learn how to budget or simply tracking your expenses and have a habit of saving money.

    Third and most important to achieve financial freedom - find a way to create multiple streams of income, make your money work for you and invest so you can grow your money over time.

    Starting a business can open your mind to all these incase you have never done so.

    3. Train your discipline

    You don’t need more motivation or "to be on your best behaviour” to eat healthy – you just need some DISCIPLINE.

    Whatever outcome that's important to you - focus on consistency and discipline - it will get you amazing results. Maybe not today...but i can assure you if you keep at it - you'll see results overtime.

    4. Make Exercise part of your lifestyle

    I'm not just talking being a gym freak. I'm talking being physically active overall.

    You don’t need magic genes to be fit – you need to exercise and eat smart.

    Lift heavy 2-3x a week.
    The gym builds your mind as much as it does your body.

    Daily Exercise is a good habit, but taking it to the extreme is not healthy either.

    5. Have a morning routine

    There are two types of people on earth. Those that have a structure to what they do after waking up and those that don't.

    And i can assure you, the latter are those that have more control of their life.

    Getting up early in the morning, meditating/gratitude/prayer sesions, having a healthy breakfast, working on a goal and doing your best work is a great way to start the day.

    Need some structure? Check this idea list on creating a healthy morning routine.

    6. Eliminate Sugar and most junk from your diet

    I used to be a soda addict. Largely because i associated "working hard" to compensating myself. And with ignorance - the fastest and budget-friendly compensation were ready-made snacks + soda.

    To some it was never soda but Alcohol - especially when you have much friends you go out with.

    When i started studying about nutrition to improve my health - i found the little nutrient quality soda and most white flour products had. It doesn’t matter whether you’re low-carb, Keto, Vegetarian; to get healthier Eliminate refined junk foods.

    Cooking is fun, saves money and much healthier than eating out but only if you’re cooking Real foods.

    Your superpower with cooking is you have control over all the ingredients.

    Point is - focus on real foods.

    7. Develop yourself mentally

    When I was in College; i hated everything about studying. I wanted to study what i thought was important at my own pace not to cram a bunch of shit just to pass exams.

    Also I've seen the opposite. People who cannot read on their own without the pressure of school.

    But you don't have to wait for academic papers to make you smart. Its a waste not to find out what you’re mentally capable of.

    Take the time daily to Read & write.

    8. Meditate daily

    Information can be overwhelming. Be intentional about what and when you feed your mind.

    Taking some time to meditate/quiet your mind is the key to stay focused, productive and have healthy mood all day.

    What you think, you will become. Infact, what you eat, drink, read, watch, who you interact with; what you allow in your life.

    All of it will create your reality.

    9. Faith > fear

    One of my Coach friend today was talking about how he started his coaching business from a small space - renovating the top-floor's bathroom & turning it into his bedroom + office. He took client's calls from an uncomfortable space in his home until he could afford to be comfortable.

    I can remember going about trying to market laptops physically without worrying if I sold one, two or three a week while I was in school - until I had an online business.

    Whatever you do, believe in yourself, have faith and keep pushing forward and the universe makes room for you to win.

    If you don’t – people easily sense it and never take you seriously.

    10. Be First committed to yourself

    Today, I saw a cliche post by Garvee on Facebook which is exactly what I'm driving at. He mentioned - "if you want to be happy, have zero expection of others."

    Learn to expect little from people and more from yourself.

    Do what you say you’re going to do.

    Quit toxic habits you wish to quit – porn, smoking etc. Need support, coaching reach out.

    Stay committed to yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

    Stop living on the sidelines and start sharing Your message.

    P.S: This post originally appeared and has been updated on the blog: Lessons to learn before 30

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