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9 things that makes consistency worthwhile

Time plays a huge role for growth & success.

Consistency gives you an edge.

    1. Let go of perfectionism

    Consistency is more important than perfection. Develop a system for Consistency instead of hoping for perfection. You might change your strategy or offer at anytime. But it's the persistence and consistency that will take you there!

    2. Align your actions with your goals

    Remember, If your daily actions are not taking you closer to your goals, then they are taking you away from your goals.

    3. Set clear expectations

    If people know what is expected of them, they are more likely to meet those expectations consistently. Very important if you have people under you in your business or organization.

    4. Keep momentum going

    There will be low points of motivation. Consistency is what keeps your momentum going. Focus on maintaining & improving your daily grind. Like any streak, perfection might last a week. The benefits of consistency will last a lifetime.

    5. You have control over your consistency

    The secret of going faster in life is to focus on what you have control over. Consistency is one of such things. Like any muscle, it gets bigger and stronger with practice. Focus less on the outcomes and more on the process.

    6. Consistency = results

    Consistency is the key to turn your goals into accomplishments. · It takes commitment to start anything and consistency to finish. If you're not consistent you’ll have a hard time trying to scale any strategy you're using.

    7. Think Long term

    Short term = intensity makes a difference. Long term, consistency makes all the difference. At the end of the day life & business is mainly numbers, so the more you have to base on the better.

    8. Become disciplined

    Self-discipline is a skill that requires consistency and practice to acquire. Want to become healthier, consistency is the biggest factor? Want to grow your busines, become consistent? It is a race for the slow and steady.

    Stay consistent in only what you care about and is beneficial for you. Start off with micro steps each day, write down and celebrate your wins. Add on habit at a time and do it slowly.

    9. Create your luck through consistency

    No successful person was born with a pre-loaded manual for succes. Shoot your shots daily. Growth is a result of taking massive action and consistency.

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