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10 business ideas for Peptides

Peptides might slow the affects of aging, increase muscle tissue, hair growth and more. What business can I create around their use?

    1. Personal Training

    Many people are afraid to go to the gym. Or, they think they can't get in shape because of their age or bad habits. A personal trainer can help them every day and make sure they do the right exercises and eat right.

    2. Online courses

    There are many good online courses (like Coursera) where you can learn how to do personal training. But also, there are many online courses on peptides and their benefits. Put them together and start an online course teaching people how to use peptides as part of a fitness program.

    3. Peptide supplements

    There are some legal supplements that contain peptides but also there are illegal ones (like HGH). Start a business selling legal peptide supplements for anti-aging, muscle building, hair growth etc.

    4. Appointment booking site for personal trainers and fitness coaches who use peptides in their programs

    There's a lot of money spent on personal training so there's money to be made here if you can build a decent site where people can find trainers who use peptides in their programs or who teach online courses about using them in fitness programs.

    5. Niche dating sites for people into bodybuilding or interested in looking younger through the use of peptides

    The niche dating site model works well so long as you have enough users interested in your niche to sustain it. There's probably not enough users yet for this but maybe by 2020 there will be enough people interested in bodybuilding/anti-aging/looking younger through the use of peptides that this would work well.

    6. Real estate investing around gyms and areas with high concentrations of personal trainers who use peptides as part of their programs

    If I were going to invest my own money in real estate I'd look for areas near gyms with high concentrations of personal trainers who use these techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

    7. Dating coaching for singles using these techniques so they don't look older than they really are when trying to attract someone into a relationship with them.

    A good coach could teach people how to look younger than they really are while still maintaining good health practices related to these techniques (i.e., don't just take HGH but also eat well and exercise).

    8. Food delivery service focused on organic food that contains ingredients used by bodybuilders or those looking for anti-aging effects from eating foods containing these ingredients. Perhaps call it "Muscle Food" or something like that?

    There's probably already many food delivery services out there like this but I think this would be a lucrative area if done right with great branding and marketing around it, particularly if you focus on cities with lots of young professionals working at tech companies where anti-aging is important since most tech workers tend to be young(er) compared to other industries that require more manual labor jobs..

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