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10 Business Ideas I’ve Had But Am Scared to Try

That doesn't mean I won't try them. Just that I'm scared. That's probably a good thing.

10 Business Ideas I’ve Had But Am Scared to Try

    1. Heavy Metal Doughnut Shop

    I love music and specifically metal music. I love doughnuts (and I have some good recipes I've worked on for years). It would be fun to have a shop themed, loosely, around metal. I've been to every sweet little mom n pop operation and they're beautiful. But I want to have a little more energy in my operation. But, not too big! Kind of like Doughnut Vault in Chicago + always playing metal (kind of like Kuma's Corner also in Chicago haha maybe Chicago knows their food + music joints). Maybe do some promotions with bands in town.

    2. A nice coffee shop. Small. No frills.

    Starbucks is what it is. And the world doesn't need another hipster coffee shop. Where can you get high quality coffee poured quickly but with love? Doesn't really exist near me (maybe one place but they do all kinds of other stuff. I don't want that kind of operation.)

    3. Italian Ice Cart

    Apparently Maine has never experienced a good old tasty Italian ice. All my NY and NJ people here know what I'm talking about (Rita's water ice counts, too). Just doesn't exist here. Huge summer crowds come in and patronize small local businesses. I bet some of those NY and NJ folks would kill for a nice lemon ice on a hot day by the bay.

    4. “This is not a breakfast burrito”

    Keto friendly breakfast scrambles. I make a lot of omelets with taco or burrito ingredients and TexMex sides and garnishes. I always "sing" a song (usually metal...) "This is not a breakfast burrito!" When I make them. 🤷‍♂️

    5. Weightlifting Gym With Game Store

    If you're a member of the gym you get game discounts and you can book the play rooms for anything you want. Members only (which means you have to be working out to play games). Public welcome, of course, in open play area and the store. But the exposure of the weights and workouts to people who come in for games feels like a good "hey, what's that?" moment and then you hook them! 

    6. Mindless Battle Slots App

    I know there are so many slots apps, but this one would be a little more interesting with better levels and random items. 100% realize this is just a clicker app idea, but sometimes you want to turn your head off and get some fake prizes.

    7. Personal Training/Coach + DM

    It makes sense on a lot of levels (get it? Levels?)

    8. Deal Maker

    I think I can connect a lot of productive people now. I don't know the first thing about brokering a deal. How much do you charge? How do you "get in the middle"? Do you need a lawyer, too?

    9. Physical Book Publishing

    Digital was doable. I'm doubtful about printed materials.

    10. Pro Wrestling Entrance Music Designer

    I used to write entrance music for fake wrestlers. Still have a catalog out there.

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