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10 Businesses You Can Launch Tomorrow Morning

To address the obvious, these are quick and dirty ideas. There is only so much long-term potential here, but if you were sufficiently motivated you could definitely launch any of these businesses in one day.

Further, it is possible that one could catch just enough fire for you to take it more seriously and build it out to something more substantial and meaningful to your customers.

    1. Sell print-on-demand t-shirts.

    Open an Amazon Merch on Demand account, create five basic designs, and start selling print-on-demand t-shirts.

    2. Coffee Shop Social LLC.

    Visit all of your local coffee shops and offer your social media services. You can run their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok (as long as it's still around), and other social media accounts to help promote them to the local community.

    3. Create smartphone lessons for the elderly.

    I picked up on this one recently while at the Apple Store. I bought a new iPhone and was sitting there (for a very long time) waiting for my data to migrate to the new phone when I noticed a calendar of events on their big screen. One of them was something about setting up and using basic functions of the iPhone. And then it occurred to me: There are a lot of elderly people in my town who may struggle with how to use a lot of an iPhone's functionality. Why not set up a weekly session you can advertise to that community and help demonstrate various essential functions of smartphones?

    4. Launch a paid Substack newsletter discussing the latest fad.

    This may not last long, but can you quickly build a following using a new fad to draw them in and then pivot to something more interesting and evergreen?

    5. Become a race event photographer.

    This works if you have at least a modicum of photography skills. At least where I live, there are foot races, bike races, and adventure races virtually every weekend. Can you reach out to them and offer your services specializing in race event photography?

    6. Create a basic drop-ship store.

    This would be done highly on the cheap and it's a terrible long-term idea, but technically in one day you can create a decent Shopify store, source products from AliExpress, and start drop shipping widgets from China. For better long-term play, build a more viable store where you work directly with reputable manufacturers in your own country. But, that'll take you more than a day.

    7. Publish a planner on Amazon.

    Boy, do some people love their planners. You could easily create a planner focusing on some sort of niche/passion you may have (for me, I'd do running), create a basic planner that focuses on that passion (I'd do, for instance, daily running logs, maybe some inspirational quotes, injury tracking, and more). This could be one with maybe 4-6 hours of work.

    8. Launch an affiliate marketing website focusing on your favorite passion.

    Again, like building a drop-ship store, you can throw up an affiliate marketing Shopify store in no time. Pick an item for which you can quickly and easily sign up for an affiliate program (Amazon is obvious but pays shit; try reaching out directly to real businesses in your niche - most will already have links for affiliates in their footers, start loading products, and start writing reviews. Use ChatGPT to help with product descriptions. You can be up and running in one day.

    9. Create a book review website.

    This is something I've thought of doing for YEARS but I've never taken the time to do it. Pretty much everyone on NotePD is into reading books. For me, I love habit books and self-development books. I've taken notes on all the ones I've read. Why wouldn't I put up a basic website (, add the books I've read along with my (cleaned up) notes, and link out to all the relevant affiliate book sites Bookru, Amazon, etc.)?

    10. Create a matchmaking service for the elderly.

    Harking back to the smartphone lesson business for the elderly, why not create a matchmaking service for them as well? Many of them are widowed/single and probably have little hope of meeting someone of interest on their own. They don't have the built-in social networks like when they were younger. So, that's where you come in. Advertise your matchmaking services strictly for 65+ folks.

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