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10 Challenges I want to Start

Summer is about to hit and my full time job is done for a bit. I need some challenges.

    1. Date as many men as possible

    Can I go on 100 dates this summer? Maybe in my 20's I could. I remember a lady who did it in her 60's. I would have to go out with a lot of people I am not initially attracted to.

    2. Focus entirely on my Random Searches Project

    I think this will be the winner. I am still not bored of it. Just a little Covid hiatus.

    3. Drink my backpack of water everyday

    I just got a water backpack. 2L's I know I don't need that much water but wouldn't it be fun to just pee all day?

    4. Spend as much time with my Niece and Nephews as possible

    I loved hanging out with them when they were little. Middle School and High school is the cool age. Maybe I can learn to be cool.

    5. Spend 45 minutes at the gym everyday!

    Robert Greene says that when he is doing a big project he pushes himself at the gym extra hard. I think I need to do that.

    6. Read 10 Books

    Again.. I have sooo many books. I need to read them.

    7. Get rid of half of my closet

    I am going to be moving soon. I really don't need all of the clothes. I just downloaded posh mark. My clothes are not Posh but maybe I can make some money.

    8. A new side gig = $280 a month

    I want to have a new side gig that will pay for my car lease each month.

    9. Find a scratch off I can do with my dad at home

    My dad can't move. ALS has taken his body but not his mind. I want to find a fun scratch off poster that we can do together. 100 places to travel to (I can bring up places all over the world on youtube), 100 movies to watch (I am almost half way through the afi). If you know of any cool ones let me know. Or this will become my new side gig.

    10. Watch hoarders everyday

    Remind myself that I am not a hoarder. Get rid of stuff. I don't need ALL of those sharpies. Toss it.

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