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10 constructed languages

Conlangs are languages that have been "artificially created".

I was interested in this stuff years ago and suddenly decided to make a list about it, so "I took the time to do a little research" as Pastor Martin Ssempa would say.

Some of these are international auxiliary languages, which means a language that's meant for communication between people from different nations who don't share a common language.

10 constructed languages

    1. Klingon

    This is certainly one of the most well-known ones.

    Some dude tried to make his son a native speaker.

    2. Esperanto

    The most widely spoken conlang in the world. There are native speakers.

    There are also several derivatives.

    3. Toki Pona

    Designed to be simple and easy, Toki Pona only has around 120 to 137 words. The idea is that you just mix them together.

    I received the book many years ago and unfortunately I've never read it. Not sure I still have it.

    4. Lingua Franca Nova

    It's a mix of different Romance languages and is meant to be very simple.

    5. Interlingua

    This one is so interesting!!

    It's a language that was made to be easily understood by speakers of Romance languages and as a way to make it easier to learn them. It does incorporate some words from non-Romance languages as well.

    "Research with Swedish students has shown that, after a year of learning Interlingua, they can accurately translate elementary texts from Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. A 1974 study showed that students who had taken a year-long Interlingua class could translate Spanish and French texts that students who had taken 150 hours of either Spanish or French found too difficult to understand.[9][2] Gopsill has suggested that Interlingua's freedom from irregularities allowed the students to grasp the mechanisms of Romance languages quickly."

    6. Romanid

    I'm not sure what the difference in concept is compared to Interlingua. Wikipedia says this one is a zonal auxiliary language, which are "constructed languages made to facilitate communication between speakers of a certain group of closely-related languages" (in this case, Romance languages). Maybe Interlingua is different because it has some words from non-Romance languages? I don't know.

    This one originates from Hungary, which is interesting since it has nothing to do with Hungarian. Apparently, it's supposed to be even simpler than Esperanto. Interesting how some conlangs catch on and some don't.

    7. Europanto

    Haha this is a weird one.

    Apparently, the whole idea is to mix different European languages together in your sentences, in any way you like. No fixed rules. Based on the idea that people already do this when they're fluent in two languages or learning another language ("Spanglish"). I sometimes do this with French and English with some friends, and I've witnessed people do it to an extreme extent. It's often perceived as showing off, but to be fair, I do think it's just a natural way of talking for some people.

    8. Solresol

    A music-based language!

    9. Sambasha

    Contrary to many others, this one was not designed to be easy. It's based on Proto-Indo-European and has four cases.

    10. Lingwa de planeta

    A mumbo jumbo of some of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

    11. Kēlen

    A constructed language meant to be a linguistic rebel, Kēlen has no verbs!!

    12. Lincos

    This one was designed to be understandable by any possible extraterrestrial life forms. Fascinating.

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