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10 Cool Gifts For Drummer Under 30 EUR

    1. Set of drum brushes

    Most of us don't have experience playing with brushes. That's because we still don't have at least a single pair of them. Bushes give so much fun. You can play with them not on the drum surface only but also on the shoe box, table, or floor. It's possible to achieve this jazzy vibe with everything.

    a) Ahead Brushes

    b) go-to Vics

    2. Drumstick bag

    Is a must-have for every drummer to carry all the stuff, all these sticks, brushes, and accessories.

    a) good looking one from Meinl

    b) my personal choice from Tama

    3. Universal rubber tips for drumsticks

    That's right, now your fellow drummer can hit literally everything. Beware! I like this small but powerful accessory. Gives so many possibilities to practice almost everywhere.

    Tips from Vic Firth

    4. Marching sticks

    I always say to my students: "You need a pair of sticks that says now I'm going to play that cool intro from "Take Five" and you need a pair of sticks that on other hand says now I'm going to lose myself in the sweet meditation of practicing these rudiments".

    Marching sticks are this second option. IMHO they are a must-have. I'm getting so much inspiration even from simply holding them. They are long, thick, and heavy. Such sticks help to build a proper hand motion for inexperienced drummers.

    Just take this pair designed by almighty Ralph Hardimon. They have a perfect size and weight + their look is so smooth.

    5. Drum "Bible"

    It's not about the blaspheme. But these two books are masterpieces. I support each of my students in getting to know George Stone's "bible" by heart. It gives you this fluency in your hand patterns.

    a) Stick Control

    b) Secret Weapons

    6. Multitool

    Never going to rehearsal or a gig without this one. My personal top feature is this cymbal's stand nut unscrewer. Awesome tool. Will brighten up the day of each drummer and will help to avoid so many annoying moments.

    7. Stick holder

    My hands were covered with a mix of blood and sweat. I was panicking and blindly looking for the stick under my drum kit. The song still goes on but the drums disappeared for 15 seconds. So embarrassing.

    That was my first ever gig. I didn't know I have to take a spare pair of sticks for any emergency. I was a noobie.

    I hate losing a stick during the performance but with a proper stick holder beside you and another pair of sticks in it, you feel safer. You have a Plan B.

    8. Knee pad mount

    Your fellow drummer certainly has a drum pad.

    However, most likely it's 10"-14" inches in size, it's the one that always stays in the pad stand at rehearsal place or home.

    So your buddy needs the knee pad or a knee pad mount as a cool option to practice on the go. It's small, it fits in a backpack. You can take it anywhere.

    a) Complete knee practice pad

    b) Knee pad mount to mount any kind of pad you have

    9. Earplugs

    You have to always protect your ears. It's crucial. Drums are loud. It's almost impossible to make them quiet without sacrificing the sound or feel.

    I'm always wearing earplugs when teaching.

    So help your fellow drummer and save their ears with these Vic Earplugs.

    10. Big fat snare drum

    This one is 2 EUR over our budget but it will be our single exception.

    Really great accessory. So simple yet powerful and gives a lot of possibilities.

    Basically, it lowers the pitch of your snare drum in just a second. As the name says it turns it into a biiiig faaaaat snare drum sound.

    You can hear a sample in one of my songs.

    Take your BFSD here.

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