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10 Cool Things About Being a Professional Dog Trainer

    1. I get to work with dogs

    2. I get to work with people to better understand their relationship to their dog which usually leads to better communication with their whole family and friends.

    3. I enjoy and embrace what I do.

    4. I'm often called a marriage / relationship counselor because I ended up helping everyone get on the same page when it comes to the dog, clearing up arguments between humans about dogs

    5. I've been called a wizard with a collar. I can teach people to use training tools in a way that it's seems almost like magic to them. It's super cool for everyone

    6. I'm still in contact with and good friends with trainers I started out with 20 years ago

    7. I just had someone contact me that hunted me down because I trained her dog back in 2003 and after talking to other trainers for her new dog shehad to find me. I love that.

    8. I can honestly say I make a difference in people and dogs lives leading from frustration to a life well played.

    9. I have some clients who have become good friends.

    10. I really good with dogs and luckily with people too, since they are the one's writing the checks. I've had a great career so far (22 years in) and it incredibly satisfying.

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