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10 Core Values You Have

    1. Find a constructive purpose

    Everything you put your time and effort towards should benefit your own life or the lives of others.  

    2. Honestly share ideas and knowledge

    Always offer what you know to be undeniably true and solutions you engineer from those truths. Be clear to distinguish an original thought from a tested fact. 

    3. Appreciate Limits

    Respect the inability of your own being to span all things. Test the upper bound of the what mark you can leave on what is in your radius. 

    4. Give and take help

    Strengthen your reach and resources by trading your personal capital. Do not be afraid to make mistakes underwriting the trustworthiness of others. 

    5. Care for the planet

    Preserve the earth for those that come after time to have the same opportunity to enjoy that I have been given. 

    6. Enjoy life by the help and society of others

    The human experience is better enjoyed with others. That said, your happiness should rely on your own person. 

    7. Be present

    Give your best to the moment you ate in, as it's the best way to bridge the progress of yesterday with the aspirations of tomorrow. 

    8. Support from stability

    It is justified to act selfishly to strengthen your position. You are more valuable to yourself and others from a point of stability. 

    9. Don’t let status dictate kindness

    Treat all walks of people with the same basic kindness, respect and dignity. 

    10. Be grateful

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