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10 Experiences I want To Have This Year

More in a years time not by end of this year

    1. Visiting a domestic (US) city i haven't been to for a long weekend

    2. Visiting an international City i havent been to for a week

    3. Trying a new cuisine

    Some on my radar lately have been peruvian, brazillian, and ecuadorian

    4. Buying instead of renting an apartment

    Long term goal would be to use it as my own rental property but for now a mortgage would be cheaper than my rent for the apartment I currently rents market value if it was for sale

    5. Reconnect with old college friends

    6. Weekend getaway with close friends in an air bnb

    7. Reconnect with a cousin I havent seen since before the pandemic

    8. Lose 20 lbs

    Better diet/eating habits. I've gotten lazy and reintroduced carbs and now more sugar into my diet than I want to be consuming. Bread is sooo good

    9. Hunt for My dinner

    Ive foraged, and I've fished but I've never hunted for meat. As a meat eater I would like to connect to that experience and become more connected to my food.

    10. See a band I've never seen before

    SOme that come to mind that I should see while theyre still very good, Red Hot CHili peppers, gorillaz, rage against the machine, foo fighters

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