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10 foods everyone seems to love that I can't get down with

    1. Mayo

    In any form whatsoever, mayo is the worst.

    2. Food that's both salty and sweet

    Chocolate covered pretzels, Moroccan tajines, pineapple on pizza... I have a hard time enjoying sweet foods as part of my meals.

    3. Balsamic vinegar

    This falls under the salty/sweet category, but I also don't love its texture.

    4. Whole Wheat Bread

    I really want to like whole wheat bread, but it always tastes sweet to me. Plus, even one slice makes my jaw hurt.

    5. Pumpkin-flavored anything

    Everything pumpkin-flavored tastes like a gourd.

    6. Dill

    Somebody shoot me.

    7. Maple Syrup

    I love syrups as a food category, but the maple part makes it weird and oddly sickening.

    8. Non-Dairy Milk

    Oat milk, almond mik, rice milk... to me, none taste as good as cow's milk in coffee or tea.

    9. Crunch Bars

    Crunch bars are a waste of space, in my opinion. Out of all the candy bars, there's really no reason to eat a Crunch. It was at the bottom of everyone's Halloween candy bag for a reason.

    10. Sun-Dried Tomato

    I have tried to like sun-dried tomatoes so many times, to no avail. I just can't do it.

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