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10 Fun Things I Found on Wikipedia this Week!

Week 2 of not teaching because I sprained my ankle.

    1. Saucy Silvia

    She was a Canadian-American entertainer I want to say in the 40's and 50's. She sang during her shows and also included comedy. She would ask people in the audience their name and where they were from. She would use this information in her act. 1/2 a million women would walk around with buttons that said " I walk for Sauce". Ella Fitzgerald would watch her act and she performed in the same club as Rosemary Clooney. Gotta check this chick out.

    2. The Woman's World

    It was a Victorian Women's Magazine and was edited by Oscar Wilde at one point. It was a magazine for the modern woman. It was for the women that worked and were highly educated. It focused on how they thought and felt under Oscar Wilde's Editorship. He got contributions to the magazine from the queen of Romania and Sarah Bernhardt. He asked Queen Victoria to write poems but she refused. Oscar Wilde got bored at one point and stopped showing up to work. The magazine dropped him and unfortunately couldn't continue without him.

    I want to see this magazine. I am so happy I came across this.

    3. Malurus

    A genus of birds. All of these birds with in this genus are really pretty. Their other name is fairywren and they are found in Australia. They are smallish birds about 6 inches! Just soo pretty!

    4. Typhoon Kitty

    I just love this because of the name. Typhoon Kitty! It came in 1949. I think I like it even more because it was 1949 and they named it Typhoon Kitty! It brought heavy damages to the Kanto region of Japan. 1 minute sustained wind was at 125mph! omg. 135 died and 25 were missing.

    5. Clan Murray

    This is a scottish clan. I skimmed this article and I had a lot of flashbacks to outlanders. There is so much history I got a little confused. The reason I looked further was because of their badge. Go check it out. It looks like something out of the 90s. There is a half naked man on the badge with a knife and a key. He is red headed to show that he is indeed scottish. A belt is made into a circle around him. The words Furth, Fortune and Fill the Fetters are in that belt. The motto means " Go forth against your enemies, have good fortune, and return with captives". Dang.

    An order badge is even more funny. It is a mermaid holding a mirror in one hand and a comb in the other. (it sounds like the little mermaid) The motto was "all ready"

    6. Jamon

    It is spanish for Ham. It is a dry cured ham in spanish speaking countries. It is different from proscuitto in the way that it is produced.

    Hams are covered in salt for 2 weeks. The salt is washed off and the ham is hung for 6 months.They are then hung in a cool dry place for 18 months. So I guess they are hanging and drying for a long time.

    7. The Chess Players (Faven)

    It is a gigantic painting of chess players painted in 1913 by Antti Faven. It captures the romantic era before ww1. The players in the painting are: David Janowsky, Siegbert Tarrasch, Amos Burn and Ossip Bernstein. He painted this while hanging out in cafes in Paris. There are a lot of people that are assumed to be in the painting but those are not certain. I don't know any of these people but I thought @JamesAltucher might like the painting.

    8. Peggy (moonlet)

    Peggy is a baby moon that is exiting the rings of Saturn. I like this article because the guy who founded it is Carl Murray who is a professor at Queen Mary's University of London. Murray named it after his mother in law because it was her 80th birthday at the time. How awesome would it be to have something named after you because it's your birthday. I know stars can be named after you but a moonlet! It feels more serious.

    9. Orphan's Benefit

    It was a short film Walt Disney Production in Black and white made in 1938. It was the first film to feature both Mickey and Donald together. Donald duck showed his normal antics for the first time in the film. His tantrum and physicality. In the movie Mickey Mouse holds a benefit for the orphan mice. Crowds either loved or hated Donald Duck.

    10. WestCOT

    It was essentially going to be a planned second theme park for Disneyland in California. It was going to be a replica of EPCOT in Florida. It was announced in 1991 but was cancelled in 1995 due to financial restraints. The area now holds Disney California Adventure Park that opened in 2001. It was going to contain a hotel within the dome. It was going to be the first Disney park to do so. The financial problems were due to Disneyland Resort in Paris. They thought up Disney California Adventure Park soon after they announced they would not go forward with it. That's a bummer. I love EPCOT.

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