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10 great things about cold weather

    1. Not being hot

    I prefer to be cool rather than hot. My nightmare holiday is on a beach somewhere in the blazing sun. I much prefer cooler seasons.

    2. It's crisp

    There's something nice about being outside on a clear Autumn day when it's 'crisp'. The leaves crunch underfoot and the cold air is exhilarating.

    3. Wrapping up warm

    It's nice to wear snug warm clothes and be cosy, although usually I still end up peeling off the layers.

    4. Fewer people out and about

    It's almost as if people hibernate in the colder months. You can walk without seeing many people or go to places where tourists gather in the Summer months, and it's quieter.

    5. Leaves

    Autumn is my favourite season. I love to watch the leaves changing colour, just before they drop altogether.

    6. Cows

    There are a lot of cows in the fields at the moment. They will all be taken inside soon - possibly at the beginning of November - to over-Winter in the cow sheds until Spring. I visit a dairy and I like going in late Autumn/Winter because the cows are more accessible than when they're in the fields.

    7. Fires

    We don't have a fire but some of our neighbours do. We stayed in a cottage a couple of years ago waiting for our house to be finished and we loved the wood burning stove. It heated the whole house and was a lot of fun to set up and light.

    8. Snow

    When it snows around here, it looks extremely pretty as you can see for a long way and everything is white. Apart from that, it can be pretty treacherous as many of the smaller lanes are not gritted. You really need a 4x4 around here. I don't have one! Yet! Maybe next time I change the car. I have wellies though which you definitely need!

    9. Photos

    There's always lots to photograph in Autumn/Winter. It's probably my favourite season for going out with my phone/camera. There are some berries around here that hang on a thread in the hedgerows. We call them dangle berries and I love hunting for them.

    10. Lazy Sundays

    More than any other time in the year, you do tend to slow down and chill. It's nice to feel like relaxing and doing nothing for once.

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