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10 Ideas for All Elite Wrestling

I'm a huge wrestling fan and while WWE is still the big bad boss of the wrestling world, I'd like to see AEW make a bigger push at them, with that said - here are some ideas for All Elite Wrestling to take that next step.

    1. Focus on Storytelling

    AEW has been fairly good at long-term storytelling, but the short term stories tend to leave a lot to be desired. Focusing on having a mix of long and short term stories will help elevate the company.

    2. Shine a light on Women’s Wrestling

    A big criticism of the current AEW management is that they don't focus on Women's Wrestling. This is such a shame because they have some of the biggest up and coming talent in that Women's division along with plenty of experience.

    Giving the woman a platform to build would help inject a fresh look at AEW.

    3. Get the backstage in order

    Divisive topic to be sure, but the huge personalities within the AEW locker room mean that disagreements are always bound to take place - but to have that go public makes the leadership look weak.

    Crack down on the backstage antics or continue to look very unprofessional.

    4. Build around your younger stars

    Perhaps the one biggest positive for AEW is the sheer number of younger talent that they can develop. Have the veterans of your roster start mentoring these young up and comers and start to build for the future.

    5. Vary the matches

    This is something that a lot of fans can get sensitive about, but considering AEW wanted to advertise itself as having freedom when it comes to wrestling, their matches are beginning to meld into a very high-flying, fast paced style.

    While this can be exciting, having a few more matches that are perhaps slower paced with a focus on that storytelling would appeal to more of the masses and perhaps get more eyes away from WWE and more into AEW.

    6. Reduce the amount of championships

    We all appreciate champions, but the sheer amount of championships in AEW is borderline ridiculous. Get rid of the Trio's titles, the FTW title and one of either the TNT or the International title.

    7. Developmental

    Now, I mentioned above to build around your young stars, but you absolutely need to make sure that those young stars are developed and trained properly.

    While being on the Independents is good for experience in the ring, working for a major company is a whole step up and these young wrestlers need to be prepared.

    8. Stop signing everyone

    The AEW roster is massive.

    Let's stop hiring everyone in sight. I know it's a shame that some wrestlers have to leave WWE or need a platform, but at this point it is doing more harm than good when nobody can get consistent TV time.

    9. Focus on Ring of Honor

    The other brand that AEW owner Tony Khan has, ROH could be a fantastic way to further develop talent while getting some of the veterans involved to boost it.

    While they have done an okay job with this, pushing it as more of a second brand could give even further rewards.

    10. Don't listen to the 'journalists'

    There seems to be a bit of an issue with AEW wanting to put on matches that the journalists will like and give good 'star ratings' to.

    These journalists aren't going to take you to the next level, they'll keep you stuck solely on the ground.

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