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10 Ideas Lists

Idea lists just keep coming to my mind. I started writing them down. I am bored today. Maybe I will do all of these. Sorry in advance.

    1. 10 Mega Teas I want to make

    I have been getting a mega tea from a herbal life smoothie and tea location. I am hooked. Herbal Life seems sketchy to me but I want to save money and buying the stuff myself saves money. So I did. I have been pining the ones I like on Pinterest

    2. 10 Reasons to Visit Oxford Michigan

    This one is hard to write. I love Oxford. I have family that live there and its been a year. I keep trying to write it but then I don't think I should share my connection to it. I shouldn't include people that are from there. I need to find the correct way to write about it.

    3. 10 Reasons Public Schools are Better to Work at than Parochial Schools

    They haven't started paying me yet. I already have 10.

    4. 100 Things About Me (Update)

    11 or 12 years ago I made a list.. 100 things about me. I shared it on interviews. James and Robyn talking about adulting made me think about it again. A lot has happened in this time frame. I am a different person. I am about 1000x's more interesting. :) I want to do 10 a day until I get the best 100.

    5. 10 Ways to Convince Someone they are being scammed

    I heard the Kitboga podcast. I know someone who I am 75% sure is being scammed. I don't know how to convince them.

    6. 10 Masterclasses I would like to see

    I have thought about purchasing masterclass. I went to look at it again and it breaks it down to $15 a month but it says you have to pay up front. They don't tell you who the masters are. Who do I want to be the masters?

    7. 10 Pieces of Data I can Gather from Mturk

    I did Mturk like 10 years ago when I was having a recovery summer. I was coming off of antidepressants and adderall. It takes a whole summer. I checked it out again and it suuucks. We gotta make it fun again. Here are my ideas!

    8. 10 People I can make MegaTeas for

    Mega teas are wild. Tons of caffeine and healthy stuff. Who can I make them for?

    9. 10 Things to do before school starts

    I am shocked. School doesn't start until September 12th! What stuff can I get done by that time?

    10. 10 things to do at work this weekend

    It's the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend. barf. I am just going to assume the restaurant I work at will not be busy because it is not on Woodward. If it is.. YAY. If not.. What can I do?

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