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10 ideas on your insights about the future of technology!!!

I'm not really one to keep up with ever changing technology, but this seemed like an interesting challenge, so I'm giving it a go...

    1. Cryptocurrency will play a bigger role

    Whether it's for small transactions across social media or big purchases such as houses, cars and even businesses, I believe Cryptocurrency will show it's worth.

    2. AR will be used in Print

    There are some really cool magazines that use AR to showcase more information about articles, sponsors or further content and I believe this will be something that will be further developed as technology makes it easier to access.

    3. 3D design will be done in VR

    3D design and illustration will be created entirely in VR, I believe this is already close to happening really but I also think that people will be able to access the same file and create simultaneously.

    4. AI won't be used for creative tasks

    That's right, I said won't as in 'will not' - I'm thinking art, design and music won't be created using AI.

    The fact that we want AI to do our creative tasks is a sad state of affairs and I believe that we'll soon realise just how important creativity is to our society and thus AI will take a back seat and simply play the support role.

    5. Social media will be truly social

    Whether it's an 'all-in-one' style app or some combination of the 'metaverse', I believe that social media will take giant steps forward in becoming more social and allowing people from all over to network, communicate and build.

    6. Necrobotics

    I did some searching about this, essentially it's the process of turning dead things into robots - sounds creepy, but I suppose some people also stuff their dead pets, so being able to keep them around as robots may appeal?

    7. Scratch 'n' sniff... but virtual

    With the rise of VR, I also believe that they'll be able to build some kind of sensory system that allows for much further immersion and believability in the world of VR.

    8. 3D Printing

    I'm not sure about how far along this is, but 3D printing things such as bones seems like a natural progression.

    9. Wearable technology

    Again, this is already available but I believe that wearable technology will also take a big jump up, whether it's wearable drives that allow us to take our information on the go or glasses that allow us information about a number of things we look at - I think the future is bright.

    10. Energy storage

    There will (hopefully) be a jump in ways in which we can store and save energy for future use and hopefully reduce our reliance on 'dirty' energy creation.

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