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10 ideas to build and grow your network.

Remember, every other person is seeking something from another person. Be it personal space, money, knowledge, attention, favor etc. If you are looking to grow your network than just start giving whatever you are seeking. Give to those who doesn't carry what you have. Everybody have something to give to another person. Outgrow Yourself.

10 ideas to build and grow your network.

    1. Go out for college fests.

    A great place to have fun and interact with people. Tech Fests are best and are usually less crowded than cultural fest but you shall participate to gain experience and have fun. Good way to let your shyness get out.

    2. Go out to company meetups.

    If you are in a city than people/companies might be organizing meetups around some tech topics. If not, than prepare one topic, get some people to talk on some topic, arrange money for food and organize one meetup. Be Professional :-).

    3. Sports/Hiking Group.

    Join any sports group, play sports with them. Form your own group with college friends, organize sports tournament and play matches in team. Collect funds from participants as participation fees or ask management to sponsor the same. Go out and check for funding from other corporate sources. Become a sports representative. You are on a trail.

    4. Organize a blood donation drive, NGO work.

    Contact any organization like Lions Club or any government blood bank, asking their help in organizing such camps. Get the quotation and start arranging the money for the same. Form a committee, work in team and let's get it done.

    5. Organize Industry Summit

    Ask multiple corporate/industrial people to come and have a conversation with college mates. Organize such meetups, take teachers help. With this, you would get to know the teacher interest in conducting any such event.

    6. Public Speaking Group.

    Join any public speaking group like toastmasters, AIESEC. Improve your speaking skills, get to know the local crowd.

    7. Go to public places to do Yoga on your own.

    Its refreshing. Doing any activity in public require a tremendous amount of courage as you would be vulnerable with your faults to the unknown crowd.

    8. Join online community

    Young folks share knowledge with each other, take helps from each other through discord groups. Join your discord group and unleash your inner fire over there.

    9. Join any social groups, NGOs to have your Sundays to be occupied.

    10. Buy Cheap, Sell High. Open a counter around campus or do online selling to sell out an item.

    Helps in knowing the cost mechanisms of any item. Buy from wholesale market, put out the cost of each item(including transportation and meal cost) and add 30% of your profit to come up with the selling price.

    This should be an exercise to see the efforts needed in earning out any money. Effort needed to sell out from shop.

    Do online selling and experience the process.

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