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10 innovative technologies to make work from home more productive

10 innovative technologies to make work from home more productive

    1. Microsoft Teams

    The ability to collaborate and share screens across devices and so fluidly is a game changer for remote work.

    2. High speed internet

    For about the same price as I was paying in 1997 my internet connection is 1,000x faster and also more reliable. (Cable Vs. ISDN).

    3. 4k displays

    I still use multiple monitors at this resolution but it is close to the largest practical dimension for a single monitor. I have a 65" TV about 5 feet in front of me and I have to turn my head to see the whole thing. The text can be tiny and still visible.

    4. Oled monitor technology

    Clear and flicker-free: OLED is in most smartphones now.

    5. Led task lighting

    Flexible, small and efficient. And it's usually cheap.

    6. Web cams

    I don't often show myself during meetings but the fact that I can is useful.

    7. Amazon delivery

    Mouse stopped working? Get another one delivered: sometimes within hours.

    8. Cloud based project management

    I have used Jira and Trello. It enables collaboration across distances.

    9. Cloud based documents

    From Google Docs to GitHub.

    10. Text messaging and VPNs

    This provides 2-factor authentication to secure virtual networks. You can be in a "trusted" environment without being in a physical building.

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