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10 Mobile Apps You Wish Existed (But Don't)

    1. An app that "unsmartens" your smartphone.

    Removes every app and feature on your phone, except for basic text and call features.

    2. An app that makes your screen look like it's very far away every once in a while.

    Helps exercise and strengthen your vision. One of the main causes of short-sightedness is constantly looking at something at the same distance from your eyes all day long.

    3. An app that you can use to send a digital "nudge" to people's phones who are nearby you if their face is buried in their phones.

    "Stop looking at your phone while walking, talking or eating. That car almost hit you."

    4. An app that lists the 101 other (better and more effective) ways you can prevent and kill Covid without masks, lockdowns, social distancing, or injecting drugs into your veins.

    More options means less fear and bad decisions.

    5. An app that syncs the web page you're reading on your phone to your desktop browser at the exact same position you're reading it.

    6. An app that monitors your immune system health levels and offers you a daily checklist of 101 things you can do to improve it

    7. An app that monitors what you're doing throughout the day and reminds you of the "survivalist options" for doing the same thing.

    For example, while brushing your teeth, the app would remind you of how you would build a toothbrush from branches in the wild, and plants you could extract "toothpaste" from if you were on the run.

    8. An option generating app that generates a variety of options for each decision you have to make.

    So you can pick the best one, instead of defaulting to the first or only option you know about.

    9. An app that turns your phone's built-in flashlight into a "monotone" screen projector using light and shadow.

    10. An app that auto-plays and auto-adjusts background music and sound effects for you as you go throughout the day, like you're the main character in a video game.

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