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10 Myths About 'The Good Old Days'

The purpose of this idea list is to point out nostalgic notions which may not be wholly true. Some may, in part, be true.

    1. Cellphones & screens are ruining everything.

    Not true. It would be more correct to say that our discipline in using these devices needs improvement.

    2. Music was better.

    Every generation says this, but the truth is that every generation has innovative (and non-innovative) music. What's popular is simply a reflection of our current selves.

    3. Television, movies, and other forms of entertainment were better.

    4. Life was easier.

    We're actually far more provided for than ever before.

    5. Kids grow up too fast today.

    Maybe - but if you're a parent (I am), you can't just leave it at that. You need to step in and adjust.

    6. Sports & athletes were (better to watch / more 'pure' or honorable / etc)

    Sure, in some cases, but not all. Is a hungover baseball player who doesn't have access to steroids a better or worse role model than one who does? Is 1950's style basketball exciting for young people to watch today?

    7. Things were simpler.

    This may be true in many ways, but, to what degree are we overcomplicating things?

    Maybe keeping things simple is simply a skill that requires practice.

    8. It was easier to make a living.

    I think this is too often used as an excuse, which can then blind us to the vast amount of opportunities we have today.

    9. Streets were safer.

    Definitely NOT true. Here's a link.

    10. Attention spans are shorter.

    This is true AND also NOT true.

    It might be more correct to point out that it's not that our attention spans have actually shrunk, but rather that we are allowing ourselves to be more easily distracted, and that there are many forces working against our powers of focus.

    I believe that our ability to focus is still the same. It's just a question of actualizing / maximizing that potential.

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