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10 newer things about Crypto.

These are excerpts from James Altucher book `The Big Book Of Crypto`.

www.jamesaltucher.com to buy and know more about it.

    1. stock to flow ratio.

    Stock = Total reserve available in market.

    Flow = Total production in year.

    stock/flow, total time to produce the stock in years.

    2. Only 5 out of 100 are good cryptocurrencies, remaining 95 are scam or ponzy scheme

    Bitcoin, ether, ripple, solana, dogecoin, shib inu etc. these could be become long term bets.

    3. By buying bitcoin, you become one of the holders of system nodes. Bitcoin is just a block of chains and by being it, your system would become a part of the chain.

    4. Creating a crypto coin is easy. Just fork os code, add few line of yours and your coin is ready.

    5. If bitcoin have any problem/any missing piece, solve by creating a structure over bitcoin network.

    Bitcoin -> Lightning network (For instant transactions) -> Strike App (To make transactions easier) -> El Salvador partnership (To make it available to every country men).

    Innovation feeds innovation.

    6. Crypto currencies have data boundaries inspite of geography boundary.

    Ether would work in ethereum space, bitcoin would in bitcoin network.

    7. Ethereum is a big decentralized computer.

    8. Only 13% of ethereum is in circulation. With each passing day, ethereum circulation is going down.

    When supply goes down, price goes up with constant demand.

    9. Ethereum is infinitely programmable i.e. multiple applications like decentralized finance, NFTs, smart contracts, blockchain games etc. can be created on top of ethereum.

    10. Voting can be done with Ethereum.

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