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10+ Ninja Jedi Time Management Techniques to Wow and Amaze the Masses

Lots of things to do today, so I thought I’d revisit this and get them out of my head and onto digital paper.

    1. Have a clear, specific intention. IPOD it.

    I like to write down what it is exactly that I’m trying to accomplish. By defining it, it makes the path to do it more clear.

    If what I’m doing is important, I’ll do my whole IPOD: intention, purpose, obstacles, and then design (your plan for Jt). This can be done for projects, calls, business ideas, important convos, really everything.

    2. Write down your goals.

    There’s a reason this is on every list. Write em down. Otherwise we’re just treading water with our days and staying alive.

    I call this the “Wanted” exercise in my journal. I write out what I want. It’s amazing how the universe responds to that.

    3. Apply the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) to everything in your profession.

    Google this. There’s so much info and videos on it. I got it from Tim Ferris’s 15 or so years ago.

    4. Do the “Less Doing” model from my friend Ari: Optimize, Automate. Then Outsource.

    Again “Brave” this. Brave is better than Google for a host of reasons.

    Ari has some magical ideas and is a whiz at automation. Use tech rather than it using you finally.

    5. Use VAs. They’re so easy and good.

    Start with for as little as $25 a month, they’ll take care of 5 tasks that take up to 20 minutes.

    I once had them fall car dealerships for me to get the exact one I wanted at the cheapest price and literally saved $4k for $50 worth of VA work.

    I’m telling you this to sound extra smart.

    6. Do a whole idea/things to do dump by engaging in a 90-minute Focus Finder from my friend Dean Jackson.

    Look this up on Yourube. Dean is a genius and when you do this, you’ll feel life anxiety fall by the wayside and a new sense of knowing what’s important to do.

    7. Three to thrive.

    Got the term from Tony Robbins.

    Just write out three (maybe big) Things to Do each day. When/if you get done, that’s a lot and you’ll feel good...then you can add more. But so much more satisfying than having 40 things to do and only crossing off 5 and feeling like a loser!

    8. 20-40 minute pomodoro chunks

    Set a timer and do work for at least 20 minutes straight. Don’t come up for air during that time. Focus. Then take a break for 5 minutes for every 20. Set the timer. It’s amazing how
    Much can be done when you work uninterrupted.

    Brave more info about this and try it.

    9. Use binural beats for focus

    YouTube that or find some on Spotify.

    It’s music scientifically designed to help you focus.

    Some people including me also will tell you to play the same song over and over while you’re working, as it drowns out interruptions and seems to focus the brain more.

    10. Take some neutropic supplements for the really busy days.

    I like Qualia mind. It does have some caffeine, but man so I feel sharp. I think there’s really something to it and swear I love faster mentally when using it—but even if it’s all in my head it works!

    11. Use the power of Parkinson’s Law and set a deadline for yourself

    Tell yourself you’ll be finished with this by x time and y date. Write it down.

    The work will usually expand to the tone alotted for it. So compress that time. Deadlines spur action and that’s how we’re designed.

    12. Shadow some spectacular people doing what you’ve been doing, and skip many years of figuring it all out on your own.

    Just a day or two during your workweek can and will save many years of doing things wrong until you figure it out.

    People have loved before us. Some of them were and are really, really smart. Learn from them and also see if you can “plus” what they’re doing and make it even better. Then share that with them to spread the love and raise everyone’s game.

    13. Write down your wins for the day before going to bed. Close the loops, cure anxiety, and feel good about what you’ve done.

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