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10 NotePD Features that would ROCK! 🪨

    1. Auto-Suggest Tags

    We have AI to suggest ideas for us, but that's the part we're actually supposed to be exercising in ourselves! Why not have the AI suggest tags/subjects that are being addressed in the idea list and auto-populate them at the bottom? Tags are useful to collect idea lists on certain topics, but thinking of them and populating them is administrivia that I think a lot of us can't be bothered with. The user should still have final approval, but if they were populated at post time and you just had to say 'Yes' or 'No' that would be ideal.

    2. Collections

    We can currently bookmark favourites, but organizing them into our own collections, perhaps based on topics, or tiers (your favourite users of NotePD is gold, then there are silver and bronze tiers), would be highly useful.

    3. Browsing by topic

    Tags, topics and collections would let people find the idea lists most related to what they want to learn/think about. Crypto, sports, finance, career, personal development, writing, etc.

    4. Visual Maps

    This isn't something I'm highly informed about, but I'm imagining a graphic where we see the ideas or idea lists represented as clouds or bubbles and they cluster and branch off from one another. For example, you see a large cloud that represents the number of posts about crypto, but it has a sibling cloud that is linked to it that happens to be about broader investing.

    5. Games

    Challenges and Collaborations are good, but what if they were competitive and/or time-based? Player 1 gets Idea 1 and has to complete it in 5 minutes, then Player 2 gets idea 2, 5 minutes to complete, etc. Add some random elements for a game of chance. All voluntary and for fun, of course.

    6. Transcription of Audio

    Being able to dictate an idea list (or at least part of one into a draft) might help people keep up their streaks while on the go.

    7. Push reminder notifications

    I'm getting emails to remind me to keep up my streak, but maybe doing these through the mobile app would be more timely and urgent. You'd need the ability to disable this, of course, as we don't want to add to anxiety.

    8. Muting/Blocking

    I haven't had any problems with users or topics yet, but sooner or later, by the law of averages if the user base expands, our users are going to see things they don't want to, and being able to mute topics or block users would be good.

    9. Video Content

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a thousand pictures. In my experience, video is more work than it might be worth, but given that most influencers work in that media, there must be something to it. I don't know what a video idea list would look like, but I'm willing to find out...

    10. A Drawing Board Feature

    Imagine being able to open up a NotePD document and see a blank canvas that you can use to brainstorm ideas by drawing them out! This would be perfect for when words just don't cut it.

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