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10 occupations and industries that will be disrupted by AI

There will be major upheavals in a number of industries. Since the infrastructure is already here and AI is becoming more useful daily, changes will be swift. The best people and those that adapt will thrive but many will be displaced. AI has been around for decades but has suddenly become mainstream and extremely powerful. AI will also continue to improve exponentially. Today there are plugins for ChatGPT that connect it to the internet. Things are going to get weird fast.

10 occupations and industries that will be disrupted by AI

    1. Radiology

    Finding patterns in images is a major skill set of AI.

    2. Any profession that has a work product of the written word

    Bloggers, journalists, technical documentation, script writing.

    Those that use AI will learn to work in a flow state with the AI and thrive.

    3. Software developers

    Software begets more software, so there will be work in the near future but jt will be much different. A human developer will act more like a real-time Software architect. AI can fill in the spaces and create code while the architect builds the system. People that get good at this will work like jazz improvisers and will be able to produce applications in hours.

    4. Any job involving research

    I watched Jordan Peterson (Psychologist) talk about using AI on a project, and he said it felt like he had 3-4 extremely capable Ph.D. research assistants.

    5. Emergency Room Medicine

    AI assistants can instantly determine all types of problems and suggest courses of action.

    6. Primary Education

    The Khan Academy has already integrated ChatGPT into its software. It was a struggle to let cell phones into the classroom but now many teachers are embracing that technology. It will be good to teach kids how to use it well but at this point they will know more than the adults. School systems with centralized government planning will fall far behind.

    7. Military

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a human condition. There are already autonomous drones: we will see more of this.

    8. Surveillance and Security

    Combining image recognition and pattern recognition AI will be used to monitor for problems. In software security, it will be an arms race between the "bad guys" and "good guys" using AI.

    9. Transportation

    While Autonomous cars and trucks have not gone mainstream yet, they are coming and will be common in the next five years. We will begin to see "cars" designed as autonomous pods without needing to face the front, control the car, or even see outside. Almost any vehicle that moves can be robotically driven.

    10. Video Game Design

    AI will be able to create open-world games on the fly. The designer's job will be to provide parameters and guidance: "prompt engineering"

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