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10 occupations and industries that will be less impacted by AI

AI will profoundly change some industries and eliminate others but some will probably not change as much.

Most of these ideas require a physical presence and are not easily automated. AI will be used to optimize things like schedules, data and documentation, but someone time-traveling from 20 years in the past would still recognize these activities to be essentially the same.

10 occupations and industries that will be less impacted by AI

    1. Raising animals for food

    Eventually we may have lab grown meat but for the time being this may not change much.

    2. Outdoor/traditional farming

    Modern Indoor vertical farms are made possible using AI and robotics. Technology certainly affects farming, but I think the impact will not be transformative: plants still need to be watered and fertilized, but AI will be making more of the decisions.

    3. Plumbers and all other construction trades

    4. Professional sports

    The analytics and data will continue to change but the players and coaches will continue.

    5. Live theater and musical performances

    Even if AI performs, there will still be an audience and the merch, food and drink business, etc.

    6. Hairdressers/barbers

    Even if it is technically possible for a robot to cut your hair I don't think people will go for it at this time.

    7. Zoo keepers

    8. Mechanics

    People that fix things from cars to computers to electrical systems.

    9. 5 star chefs

    Lots of food prep will become more automated but there is always room at the top.

    10. Parents & Mentors

    Whatever happens in the world, people need families (biological or social) to help guide them.

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