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10 Old Things That Could Be Made New Again

While modern technology can make humdrum daily activities more manageable, I have nostalgia for some woebegone items that made life feel more simple compared to using today's gadgets.

Is it feasible in today's fast-paced environment to bring these things back?

    1. Hand-written letters.

    Instead of email.

    2. Landline telephones.

    Instead of carrying around never-ending interruptions (aka smartphones) in our pockets that make people think we're available to them 24/7.

    3. Home answering machines.

    Set the expectation that an immediate response is not imminent instead of texting and expecting someone to respond right now.

    4. Hanging clothes out to dry.

    Rather than using a clothes dryer.

    5. Weekly television series.

    Which one would have to wait and build anticipation (not immediate dopamine gratification) until the following week to see the next one.

    6. Live talk radio programs instead of podcasts.

    No pausing, fast-forwarding, rewinding, or listening at different speeds. You have to stop what you're doing and listen with intention instead of multitasking.

    7. Books are only available in hard or soft cover.

    Not in audio or digital formats, so we have to be more intentional about what we consume.

    8. Meeting someone in person and asking for their phone number.

    Rather than staring at a glowing screen while swiping right and endless options are available that make us think we can date anyone we want at any given moment.

    9. Submitting resumes instead of LinkedIn profiles.

    A whole lot more private.

    10. Sitting at a table with family for a home-cooked meal.

    Instead of eating alone in front of the TV, staring at our phones, while behind the wheel driving to a meeting, or at a fast-food restaurant.

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