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10 Organizations I Wish Existed (But Don't Yet)

    1. The Time Police: An organization for regulating the activities of Time Travelers.

    We have developed the technology necessary for traveling through time. But time travelers must be prevented from abusing and disrupting the flows of history. This organization is known as... The Time Police.

    2. The School for Gifted Children: An organization for helping people use their superpowers for good

    Humans have begun to develop every superpower known to man. But this power must not be abused or used for evil. We must help people learn to use their powers responsibly. And we must help children learn to control their powers so they don't go out of control.

    3. A World Without Doctors: An organization focused on getting rid of doctors and medical health care

    The modern medical system has a monopoly on the health industry. Doctors and health care professionals are focused on keeping you sick or disabled for as long as possible so they can make as much money as possible. This organization focuses on preventing, curing and actually getting rid of diseases and injuries so doctors will never be needed again.

    4. The Hitchhiker's Guides To The Galaxy: An organization with professionals guides who specialize in galactic space travel

    If you need to travel to the far reaches of the universe, this organization is where you hire guides to bring you there without getting lost along the way. They also provide you with all the equipment you'll need for your next adventure.

    5. The Mind Maximizers: An organization that actually teaches kids how to learn, not just what to learn

    The modern education system is destroying the futures of millions of children every year. They give children boatloads of (not very useful) things to learn. But never teach them how to learn it.

    They go through life not knowing much of anything useful. And don't know how to self-educate on the important stuff when they need it. This organization teaches kids everywhere how to tap into the "sleeping 80%" of their untapped brains.

    6. 220 Baker Street: An organization dedicated to nurturing the next generation of great detectives

    This is not just for police, or government agents. This organization caters to everyone. And helps society reclaim the lost arts of observation, induction and deduction. Will you be the next great detective?

    7. The Avengers: An organization dedicated to building and maintaining teams of superheroes for fighting against evil around the world

    After humans awakened their superpowers, they realized something crucial. One superhero was no longer enough. Because the smarter criminals started working together in teams. This organization was born to create synergy between groups of people with complementary superpowers.

    8. Who Wants To Be A President: An organization dedicated to choosing the next leader of every country

    The voting system is pathetic, because it chooses candidates based on popularity, and not on skill-level or results. And... let's face it... the education system is broken, so... most people today aren't very smart. Sorry. I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about everyone else.

    This organization selects world leaders through "contests of intelligence and actual skill". You want to be leader? Beat everyone else with your skills and show you are worthy of being leader. The last man standing wins.

    9. The King's Arena: An organization dedicated to settling disputes between countries through battle and sports between leaders.

    Countries once settled disputes through war, sending thousands of people to their deaths... all because of the desires of a few men at the top. Now, no longer.

    This organization ensures countries settle all disputes through life-and-death duels between country leaders, or... if your country's leader is too chicken... you can opt for playing friendly sports. Like chess.

    Winner takes all.

    10. The Organization For Creating Organizations: This organization is focused on bringing ideas #1 to #9 to life

    We can't be dreaming all day long. We need organizations that actually take action. And turn things into a reality. This organization does just that.
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