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10 Pack Variety of Innovations

Just ideating to get the brain going!

    1. Health Insurance Implanted Chips to Reduce Costs

    Car insurance companies have a system where safe drivers can reduce their costs if they install a tracker. Maybe in the future, health insurance companies can offer some program that helps reduce costs with a chip or wearable.

    2. "Oura" but for socializing

    I listened to James Altucher podcast and came across Jordan Harbinger's networking program which was interesting. I also bought an Oura ring which, as dumb as this sounds, gives me advice on when I should try to sleep, and I'm trying to follow the advice. Essentially I'm letting an app tell me when to sleep. Maybe there can be an app that reminds you (besides a calendar) to call your parents. Has to be designed well. Probably already exists in some form.

    3. Blockchain Mining while Playing Music?

    There are a bunch of ways to mine crypto yourself now. Helium. Traditional BTC, I even saw an app that lets you mine while you drive so the app company can do mapping. Maybe there could be a music based mining program for playing music or radio in a car. Sirius XM but with blockchain ads?

    4. Productivity Gamification for Workplace

    I read an article this morning about employees being upset about productivity trackers at work. I don't know how they work specifically, but one person said they missed promotions from not doing well. Maybe productivity systems should have more rewards such as virtual trophies that don't require much finance. May work better for new generation of workers. Note: I think productivity trackers are bs! I wouldn't like to have one while I work. But I get it is potentially a part of the future.

    5. Beer mug with a tracker

    Probably won't work well in bars. But some people have a water bottle attached to an app that reminds you to drink water. Maybe there is a way to make it for beer drinkers.

    6. Expanding on #4 - Employee Productivity

    This idea is probably better for some type of dystopia science fiction movie or an episode of black mirror.

    But similar to having wearables that remind you to do stuff (such as Oura ring giving you a recommended bed time), imagine a workplace productivity tool that gets implanted into executive assistants of high powered individuals. Basically they have their entire day of activities and schedule programmed into a human being rather than the traditional AI robot.

    7. Instant Fear Detecting Wearable

    A wearable that tracks activity such as heart and more such as (plenty of wearables do this already). Except it also provides some type of warning that tells when someone seems to be getting anxiety or extra stress and attempts to calm them based on data.

    8. The smallest voice recording wearable device that syncs to your phone

    Never have to turn on a recorder again. The wearable (a ring, necklace, etc...) attaches to your body and at the press of a button, will save audio anywhere you go. Good for recording ideas. Although I could see this being very bad for business or maybe like a spy gadget (probably exists already but not on mass market). Record podcasts anywhere without having to have a phone or recorder handy.

    9. Mood Music Algorithm

    I can't imagine if Spotify or some company isn't doing this. But it's commonly known that some musical artists control peoples mood by matching the Beats per Minute to the heart rate. The faster the song, the more intense people get, the slower the rate, the calmer people might feel. Think Yoga music vs cardio bike music.

    Could be linked to some wearable that catches mood and plays matching music (Spotify?). Or Spotify does moods already, but maybe you can have some type of "spectrum" that allows you to raise or lower the bpm of songs played based on the mood you want.

    10. List idea: 10 ideas for transition of art to virtual reality experiences

    Come up with 10 ideas for the possibilities of art museum experiences in VR or even blockchain!

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