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10 People Who Have Been Role Models To You In Your Life And Why.

    1. Dad

    He's taught me how to be relaxed, kind and strong. I remember someone broke into his car to sleep, he returned with a blanket for him. Where most folk stress he remains calm. He stands up and fights for what he believes in. I hope I'm able to reflect these qualities as well as he has.

    2. Uncle Stuart

    He helped raise me when I was younger. He taught me how to think, how to question and to seek knowledge. The right questions helps you see things from a completely new perspective. I'll continue to question and to seek knowledge.

    3. Gran

    My gran took care of everyone. I learned from her to stick up for myself and that family comes first. Don't allow people to pick on you and when family members need help, you be there to help them.

    4. Mum

    My mum taught me the value of hard work and to not be afraid to travel if that's what's needed to grow. She always pushes me to my limits, further than even I can see. I got to uni thanks to her, I taught my poorest subject, in China, for 4 years and won an award against teachers from all over China. Believing in myself the way she always has has resulted in me publishing my own book and online course.

    5. Grandad

    I don't remember much of him, but I remember the way people talked about him. I always wanted to be seen in the same light. Wise, an artist, kind, strong, coragus. I hope when I go I'm seen in the same light as he is.

    6. Jordan B. Peterson

    The first outside of my family. I was going through a tough time out in China. He taught me that it's up to me to make things better, you can't really on the world to change for you. Since first listening to him I've read tons of books (before I read nothing since school, even then it's only cause I had to). I've listened to more podcasts that have helped me grow. I'm now helping others improve their lives.

    7. Tim Ferris

    The 4 hour workweek was the first time I relised I could be my own boss. I'm still working on it, but the feeling of not being trapped, working for someone else, doing something I don't want to do changed my whole perspective on work. I've started to believe in myself more and work on my own content
    Copying the systems of professional has also helped me a lot. I feel I've progressed a lot faster thanks to his books than I would have otherwise.

    8. James Altucher

    Choose yourself was the book that really pushed me to finally write that book and publish it. It finally felt that it was something I could acomplish. I also wrote language learning comics, self help comics and shared how to stay happy during the pandemic thanks to this book. Skip the line pushed me to make my online course and use the content I produced to build my Instagram /Facebook page and maybe write another book. Ideas lists have helped me come up with more projects I want to work on. Always learn something new from the podcasts as well. Thanks James

    9. Scott Adams

    The dilbert guy. His books have taught me to focus on systems rather than goals. Focus on doing things, daily rather than reaching an end goal. If it's goal worthy, it's probably worth pushing past that goal. He's taught me about combining skills. He's not the greatest artist or comedian, but by combining his skills he's made one of the most popular comics in the world. He's taught me the different between persuasion and straight out lies. Eg. Build the wall - Trump, was persuasion. A great wall of America wasn't the goal, but talking about immigration was and as a result of saying something 'stupid' it got people to talk about the problem. We see things through filters, meaning the same event can be seen vastly differently by different people. Our filters come from what we consume. Learn something new from his daily podcasts as well

    10. Myself

    My success /failures have helped me grow more than anything. Pushing myself to my limits, regardless of the outcome always provides so much knowledge that helps me grow. I never thought I could live in another country, I ended up living myself (I had a roommate, but that was still someone new) for 4 years. I learned that not only could I teach English, I could teach others how to teach English, I've learnt that I can help others, teach English.

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