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10 People Who Have Been Role Models To You In Your Life And Why.

    1. James Altucher

    He helped me in realizing the inner strength, the way to be happy. Exercising creative, spiritual, physical, emotional exercise.

    2. Heera Kaur, Ranjana Ma'm, Anjali

    During High School, I dropped out of my school. She helped me in getting back into the school and on my feet.

    3. Father

    He lost his business in 2010 but he never looked back and still achieving new heights and living happily.

    4. Mother

    She knows to keep the relationship, she knows the way to remain calm.

    5. Mishra Ji

    He is a shopkeeper with a family and 2 kids, know the way to manage his life, remain happy even after having limited resource.

    6. Chanakya

    He is from history books and united India under a single umbrella. A high vision can be achieved by single person if puts down the enough effort.

    7. Narendra Modi

    Person grew as a tea-seller became PM of India. Though probability is less but he seems to have got everything as right and is in process to become the Biggest PM of India.

    8. Sister

    She never complained, went school, did her schooling calmly, made friends with everyone irrespective of their class, got married and now a mother of one son. I think, that's inspiring

    9. Satoshi Nakamoto

    Developed a global currency with a great vision which went up from $0 to $60,000. That's Awesome.

    10. Fixed salary employee.

    Living a monotonous life require lots of strength. Waking up at around same time, checking in, being at work even if their is no work, checking out at fixed time, coming home and loving his family.

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