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10 philosophies on break-taking during work

I've had a series of pretty productive workdays this week, which got me to thinking about breaks. I think most people probably combine some of the perspectives on this list, and I know I've adopted all of these at one point or another. All this to say- break away!

    1. Power through

    No rest for the wicked!

    2. Pomodoro method

    Work for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, rinse, and repeat.

    3. Use technology to let you know when you need a break

    Some technologies can detect when you're losing focus. Maybe these can help you really optimize your break-taking. Maybe they're totally useless. Probably worth a try!

    4. Regular intervals

    e.g. a 10-min. break every 40 mins.

    5. Use breaks as a reward for completing a difficult task

    Just finished coding something? Why not celebrate with a well-merited break!

    6. Use breaks to prepare for more draining tasks

    Have to write an essay? Take a break right before starting as a way of building courage.

    7. Social breaks

    Take a break when other people take a break. For the more socially-minded among us.

    8. Non-break breaks

    Never really disconnect in full. Talk about work on your breaks, think about work while you're relaxing... your friends will love you.

    9. Take random breaks.

    Roll a dice every 10 minutes and only take breaks when you roll a 6.

    10. The "average workday"

    Take a few short breaks, take a longer break around lunchtime, and take a few more short breaks.

    11. BONUS: Indulge yourself

    For days when you're having a particularly hard time: take a break whenever you feel like it!

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