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10 Pieces of the Worst Advice I've Ever Received

10 Pieces of the Worst Advice I've Ever Received

    1. "Perception is reality."

    This is a trick because it's also some of the best advice I've ever received. The question is: are you thinking about other peoples' perception of you or are you thinking of your perception of the world. One is weakness. One is power.

    2. "Winning is everything."

    Winning is winning. But in the absence of winning, you're a loser. And that mindset stinks. Winning is winning, not winning is learning.

    3. "Money will not buy you happiness."

    It's supposed to mean, "You can have all the riches in the world and still be miserable" because true happiness comes from within. However, money is necessary to remove baseline existential stressors. Without it, there is less room for happiness. Not impossible, just much, much harder to achieve.

    4. "Don't worry about your health, you're young, medicine will handle it."

    Medicine is a post-problem field. You get sick, medicine can help fix you. To live optimally, you need to prevent sickness. Your goal is "Stay out of the hospital" and stick to it.

    5. "Never trust a person who doesn't drink."

    I never understood this, really. These days, it might be the exact opposite of what's best for you. Maybe in bygone eras it made sense when teetotalers and temperance movement types were seen as conniving, self-interested, busybodies. No idea. Alcohol abuse is not a sign of trustworthiness.

    6. "See a horn, bet a horn."

    This is jargon from the casino game craps: when you see a 2, 3, 11, 12 come up on the dice, your next bet is to bet the Horn (which means if one of those numbers comes up next you win). Problem is the Horn bet is one of the worst best in the casino. It's a sucker bet. This "wisdom" tells you that someone has no concept of probability and expected value. Stay away.

    7. "The stock market is just a big casino."

    Yeah, if you're daytrading or hoping to hit the next 10x company (and, importantly, if you have no clue what you're doing in the market and watching TV for 'news'). If you invest in long-term funds with low management fees and solid YoY returns, you get compounding power over time. Just set and forget [I would have loved to take this advice years ago, but I got started and it's going well.]

    8. "It's cheaper to do all your own housework."

    DIY is a good ethic to have when you can handle and enjoy the work. When it cuts into time you should be using to maximize your value: whether that's with your family and friends or working on things that you enjoy and will bring you positive outcomes, you should hire someone to do it for you. I prefer a balance of some yardwork, simple repairs, and lawn maintenance to do myself. I find it enjoyable and I get to be outside and getting in a light workout in the sun. Anything more than that and I'm texting my handyman. Money spent is not the only variable.

    9. "You only get stronger if you're maxing out your weights."

    As you get older, doing 1 rep maximum lifts becomes a dangerous tradeoff. Sure, you could pull a really big number! Or, you could snap a tendon that will take you 9 months to repair and you'll never move the same again. Big numbers are not a direct reflection of your overall strength and mobility. Change the approach to your resistance training to match your needs and allow for progression with less danger of injury. The way you do this is you first put down the heaviest weight you've ever lifted: your ego.

    10. "Cholesterol in food will give you heart disease. It's too fattening."

    We know this is BS now. Eating cholesterol isn't a recipe for heart disease. Sitting on your ass and crushing bag after bag of potato chips while you're trying to destress from your bad job by binging some horrible 3rd tier Netflix show until 3am every other night. Then you drown it with a handful of beers and maybe some prescription drugs. You're good until the next day when your boss says something you don't like and you go off again when you get home. That's how you get heart disease. Eating eggs is a power move. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not a serious person.

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