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7 Processes of Billionaires

From Think Like A Billionaire by James Altucher

    1. Treat everyone with dignity, even the people who disrespect, wrong, and betray you.

    2. Respect is greater than attention. Who did you help today? Helping people is what builds a legacy. Respect from the right people is everything. Attention is fleeting.

    3. Invest in yourself, but diversify. Build a talent stack - you won't be the best at everything, but if you can combine skills, you can create something beautiful.

    4. Read. Cliche, but true. When you read, you are like a vampire and you absorb the life of the author. Learning to communicate is one of the most important skills you can learn.

    5. Learn how to learn. Get a teacher. + (Find a mentor) - (Find people to teach) = Find people to compete with that are at your level.

    6. Connection stops anxiety. Connection with loved ones, connection with friends, connection with co-workers, connection with community, connection with spiritual/religious community, connection with people with similar interests.

    Connection is the key to building your network and your network is the key to your freedom. GIVE CREDIT TO OTHERS and you will reap the benefits.

    7. Process vs. Outcome

    Process = 1) Watching the game after you lose

    2) Having the difficult conversation

    3) Write a book = rejection

    4) Start a business = some investors will say no

    5) Being kind when no one expects you to be

    6) Falling in love again

    7) Knowing when to say yes/no - if it's not something that you're really excited about, if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no.

    Outcome = Likes/Money/Approval/Validation

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