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10 purchases I made in the past year that I love

    1. Merino wool clothing

    Shirts and pants - comfortable, warm and non-smelly

    2. Hand grinder for coffee

    I think coffee tastes better when you hand grind it fresh in the morning, but I'm no coffee connoisseur

    3. Old books

    Man's search for meaning, books about stoicism - lots of great old books with timeless wisdom

    4. Black tea

    Although everything is getting expensive, black tea from indian supermarkets are great

    5. New runners

    Especially if you are a runner. It's easy to throw away shoes that have obviously broken down, but what's harder is keeping around shoes you've worn for years but still seem like they are in 'good' condition (e.g., their soles may be worn out and don't provide the support you need)

    6. Work out clothes

    If you're regularly working out, your body shape is likely changing. Get new clothes you look and feel good in.

    7. Reading light clamp

    I enjoy reading at night, but I don't want to turn on all the lights or read on my smartphone, so I have a mini book light clamp I use to do late night reading in bed.

    8. Oat milk

    I'm not lactose intolerant but some of my family members are. It tastes great though I would recommend an oat milk creamer for coffee or tea.

    9. Charging cables and ports

    Even restaurants these days seem to have outlets next to the tables and its handy to have a spare one available in the car or in your go bag for those moments.

    10. Mini credit card multi-tool

    It's handy to have something in your wallet and ready to tackle a problem.

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