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10 Reasons Daylight Savings Time Needs to End

    1. It Does Not Save Electricity

    There have been many studies done on whether the practice of daylight savings time actually saves electricity. According to a 2017 meta-analysis by International Association for Energy Economics, the average amount of electricity saved is 0.34%.


    2. It Disrupts Sleep

    The time change disrupts sleep patterns, leading to sleep deprivation and sleep debt. The sleep deprivation can lead to poor judgement and health issues.

    3. Risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke Increase During the Time Change

    According to WebMD, the transition to daylight savings time increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke. The risk of stroke is 8% higher in the first two days after the time change, and that risk increases to 25% for cancer patients.


    4. Increase in Traffic Accidents

    Since Daylight Savings Time disrupts our natural circadian rhythm, it messes with our judgement. One of the consequences is the increase in traffic accidents. According to a 2020 study, fatal traffic accidents increased by 6% in the United States during Daylight Savings Time.


    5. It Doesn’t Help Farmers

    It is a common myth that daylight savings time was created to help farmers. That simply is not true. Farmers tend to the fields or the animals whenever sunlight is available, not according to an arbitrary time determined by a wristwatch. In fact, many farmers oppose daylight savings time since they have to move their schedules one hour back to compensate for the time change.


    6. Why Is More Evening Sun Better Than Earlier Morning Sun?

    One of the things I always hated about Daylight Savings Time was having to go to work or school in total darkness, especially after finally getting a week or two of sun in the mornings when I went out. And since it still gets dark early for the first few weeks after DST, I end up going home in total darkness as well.

    7. Many Countries Don’t Follow DST

    Many countries around the world don't follow DST. In fact, there are too many for me to list here, so I will refer to the following link from Greenwich Mean Time for anyone interested.


    8. Arizona Is Doing Fine Without It

    Most of Arizona doesn't follow DST. The reason for this is that Arizona is already extremely hot and sunny, and the sun setting as late as 9pm isn't conducive to sleep.


    9. Experiments in the Past Kept Time on Permanent DST. I’m Suggesting Standard Time.

    Some people may argue that ending the time changes has been tried and abandoned. These experiments were for keeping Daylight Savings Time for the entire year. Obviously this would lead to late sunrises during the winter months. What I'm suggesting is for standard time to be observed for the entire year.


    10. Big Candy Is Behind DST Lasting to November

    In 2007, Daylight Savings Time was extended in the United States until the first Sunday in November. The major reason for this was major lobbying on behalf of retailers to increase sales of candy for Halloween. While I can appreciate giving children a little more sunlight to go trick or treating, it seems absurd to extend DST by a month for a single day.


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