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10 Reasons I Love Dadaism

The Dada art movement is one of my favourite art movements, starting in around 1916 it was created due to a sheer disgust at the societal norms that had arisen due to World War 1.

Here are 10 reasons I believe Dada is one of the best art movements ever:

    1. Simplicity

    Even the name carries it's simplicity. The whole point of the movement was essentially a big fuck you to the art movements of the past that had solely been for the upper class.

    2. Funny

    The whole point of the movement was to use humour, sarcasm and wit to poke fun at society. I can't think of a better use of art.

    3. Sarcastic

    A urinal with a signature on... The whole 'Readymades' part of Dada gave a whole new outlook on what a piece means to be art.

    Personally, I believe it was Duchamps seeing what he could get away with.

    4. Makes fun of society

    Perhaps 'makes fun of' isn't the correct term as this movement did come about while a World War was going on, but the whole highbrow 'art is for high society' mindset that had arisen was definitely in need of being brought down.

    5. Came at the perfect time

    Again, this was during a World War with an untold amount of horror and bloodshed, Dada was a way of fighting against this using the most incredible part of humanity... Creativity.

    6. Stood for something

    The political overtones of Dada are clear once you start researching it, as I've already said - the movement was a big fuck you to society and rearranged how the majority of people at the time viewed art.

    What an incredible thing to have been a part of.

    7. It wasn't focused on being 'beautiful'

    Again, I'm focusing on Duchamps but the 'Readymades' he created certainly weren't focused on being beautiful in the traditional sense of the time.

    8. Illogical

    The movement focused on using illogical horror and/or madness to shock the audience, but goodness me it does make for interesting pieces to look at.

    Whether it was 'Marquise Casati' by Man Ray or Francis Picabia’s 'Nature Morte: Portrait of Cézanne/Portrait of Renoir/Portrait of Rembrandt' they certainly didn't shy from using non-sensical to create some simple, but impactful pieces.

    9. Collage

    Collage's had been used in art before Dada, but they were certainly made the most of by the Dadaists, while not being as refined as they had been in previous movements - Dadaists once again showed that art didn't have to be 'beautiful' to be art.

    10. The Sci-Fi

    Way before sci-fi was even considered a thing, Dadaists were making art around it.

    Check out 'The Spirit of Our Time – Mechanical Head' by Raoul Hausmann if you want to have a look at one of the best examples.

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