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10 Reasons I put myself through the punishment of the gym

Note: I do actually enjoy the gym, but usually only an hour after I'm actually done, I'm writing this after a particularly difficult session to remind myself why I'm doing it.

    1. The mental benefit

    I'm not going into science or studies, a simple fact is that my mood improves drastically when I'm consistently going to the gym.

    2. I want a nice looking body

    Yes, I'm aware I'm a vain devil - but I was overweight for all of my teenage/twenties so now I'm in my thirties, I want a body I can be proud of.

    3. The accomplishment

    Even just getting to the gym is an accomplishment for me, I still have terrible anxiety about it and turning up can be frightening sometimes.

    Appreciating the simple achievement of getting there is a big benefit.

    4. The accomplishment: Part 2

    The second accomplishment is when you can push past your previous best and feel the joy of knowing you're improving. Getting stronger, fitter, faster, etc is a fantastic achievement.

    5. I want to wear nice clothes

    Yes, another vain reason - shoot me. I want to look pretty and all the best clothes seem to be for people much better built or healthier looking than myself. I want nice clothes.

    6. I feel sexier

    Different than wanting a nice body, I just feel generally more attractive when I'm regularly working out and seeing that improvement.

    7. Better sex

    Don't we all want that?

    8. The compliments

    Yes, I'm aware the majority of these are superficial, but I'm going to the gym so tell me I look great... Thank you.

    9. Confidence boost

    When I feel good, my confidence reaches new levels and when I'm feeling confident, my social skills only improve and my mental health gets a further boost.

    What's not to like?

    10. The enjoyment

    Yes, it can be rough and I can wonder what on Earth I'm doing, but deep down (deep, deep down) I have a whole lot of enjoyment over trying to improve my physical state.

    I don't want to go back to how things were. Ever.

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