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10 reasons to check out a business coach before you hire them

    1. It's like dating

    When you are in a relationship, you want to know if the person is right for you. You don't just get married after one date. Same with business coaching. Don't just hire someone after one meeting.

    2. You can learn even from bad coaches

    I've had some bad business coaches in the past. I still learned things from them. Sometimes they were wrong about everything but I would think, "Well, maybe he's right about this." And then I would try it out and it would work and I would learn something new. Sometimes we learn best when we discover it on our own and then see if the coach was correct or not. But sometimes they are dead on and save us time by telling us what to do first instead of figuring it out ourselves (which takes more time).

    3. What is your problem?

    A good coach will ask you this question before starting a program with you: "What is your biggest problem?" This is important because most people have many problems that they want to fix all at once. A good coach will prioritize these problems so that you can solve one problem at a time (or as many as possible) so that you can see real results quickly so that you remain engaged with the coaching process rather than feel like you are spinning wheels all the time.

    4. What type of coach fits your style?

    There are so many different styles of coaching out there that finding one that matches your style is important in order to get results and enjoy the process along the way. For instance, I'm not a fan of Tony Robbins-style firewalking coaching where people stand on burning coals for five hours straight until they realize their true potential or whatever but...I'm also not a fan of people who say "do what makes YOU happy" because sometimes happiness comes from doing hard things first in order to reap later rewards in life or business or relationships or whatever else we choose to pursue in life. So find someone who has a style similar to yours if possible so there's less friction along the way towards getting results for yourself and enjoying the journey along the way as well. If your style is more like Tony Robbins then maybe find someone who does life coaching or business coaching but doesn't do firewalking coaching because maybe some other technique will work better for you anyway since everyone has different styles of learning and execution. The point here is that every coach has their own style which may be great for some people but not others depending on their style preferences, etc., so find someone whose style matches yours as much as possible if possible since this will make it easier over time to get results and enjoy both parties' efforts along the way towards those results..

    5. Coaching vs Mentoring vs Teaching

    Mentoring means teaching someone who is younger than yourself how to do something (e.g., my kids are my mentees). Teaching means teaching someone older than yourself how to do something (e.g., when I teach an AI class at MIT). Coaching means working side by side with someone who wants help reaching his/her goals (e.g., me now with clients). A mentor might be able to give advice but they aren't going through exactly what you are going through right now so their advice might be off base sometimes due to lack of experience in your particular situation while teaching requires more effort than mentoring since there's more responsibility involved with teaching another person how to do something versus simply giving them advice based on my experience with similar situations in my past versus mentoring which requires less effort since all one has to do is tell stories about ones' experiences without necessarily taking any action based on those experiences whereas coaching requires action steps every week or two weeks depending on how fast

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