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10 Reasons to Keep Your Job

A lot of people around these parts, myself included, advocate for quitting your job whenever feasible. However, depending on your situation and your values, there are actually good reasons to stay in your job - even if you often daydream of escaping to weekday adventures in the wilderness.

    1. You strongly value routine and structure.

    Wake up at 5 am, work out until 6 am, drive to the office at 7:30 am, and work until 5...every day looks exactly the same, and you would not have it any other way.

    While you can provide routine and structure for yourself, you prefer to have those things provided for you. Centering your life around a job is the perfect way to have structure imposed on your life.

    2. You are not a slave to a cubicle.

    If you work remotely, outdoors, or otherwise don't have to be confined to a claustrophobic cage all day, then you have the green light to stay in your job.

    Alternatively, if you have to work in a cubicle 40+ hours a week, start working on your escape plan immediately. There is nothing more demeaning, dehumanizing, and just plain sad than being forced to work in a small box while staring at a glowing screen for 1/3 of your life. It's modern-day slavery akin to being an animal trapped in a cage at the zoo.

    3. Your work edifies you.

    This fact may be shocking to many people, but some people enjoy their jobs. In fact, some people feel a sense of growth and actualization from the work in which they engage. If you are one of those lucky few, then it's probably a good idea to stay in your job.

    4. You appreciate the comfort and (relative) security a job provides.

    Let's face it: Receiving a regularly-scheduled paycheck every two weeks in which you know down to the penny exactly what you are going to earn is very comforting. It's arguably the biggest reason people stay in jobs even when they despite their work. Life is big and scary and unpredictable, yet we have this system of work that immediately takes away so much of the unknown of this world.

    While your job could easily vanish tomorrow depending on circumstances entirely out of your control (Google: COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Recession), by and large jobs are static for a good period, and they can reliably be present for you day after day.

    5. You don't have a plan to support yourself without a job.

    Let's say you hate your job, your commute, your boss, your co-workers, your work, your lowly paycheck, and your cubicle...basically there is nothing good about your work other than it (barely) paying your bills. It's probably best to just quit, right?

    Hold on there, hoss. You have to think past today.

    As stressed as you may be today over your work situation, you will be equally, if not more, stressed tomorrow when you no longer have money coming in.

    There are a million and one ways to earn money outside of a job in 2022. It's a glorious time to be alive. All of the answers are in that overpriced smartphone in your pocket. Pull it out, start doing some research, and begin to hatch your escape plan. Until then, suck it up, stay strong, and keep at that job until you're ready to be free.

    6. You need the benefits.

    And by benefits, we're mostly talking about health insurance coverage. Other good benefits come with many jobs, yes, but health insurance is #1 on most people's lists - especially if you live in the United States, where health insurance is a joke.

    If you have health issues that require regular medical attention, or you support someone with your health coverage who has such issues, then it's a good idea to stay in your job.

    Your health is #1.

    7. People rely on you for financial support.

    Similar to health insurance coverage, if anyone relies on you for financial support, then you need to keep your job - especially if we're talking about children. You simply cannot up and quit your job and leave your kids destitute.

    8. You are not willing to live without many of life's creature comforts.

    You love shopping at Whole Foods, you like to lease a new sports car every three years, you visit the salon every two weeks to get your nails done, and you can't imagine life without a 70-inch television screen replete with 200+ channels from which to choose.

    Life without a job is often unpredictable, and unless you're consistently killing it as an entrepreneur, then you know it's best to maintain a sensible budget and moderated spending habits. If you're not willing to make these sacrifices, then stay in your job.

    9. You don't have a commute, or you have a very short commute.

    At least one scientific study has demonstrated that the longer your commute, the less happy your life is. In fact, the study suggests that an additional 10 minutes (each way) of commuting time is associated with the equivalent effect on job satisfaction as a 19% reduction in gross personal income.

    If your commute is short, or you work remotely and don't have one at all, then you are okay to keep your job.

    10. You have a low risk tolerance.

    Being an entrepreneur of any capacity is like riding a roller coaster. If you don't have the stomach for constant change, particularly constant change in income, then consider keeping your job.

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