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10 Reasons Why I am Feeling Myself Right Now

I am in a great mood! I've been feeling it all day! Only one picture. lol

    1. I got an amazing hair cut

    I didn't even really need one. I think I just needed to be around my hair girl. She's amazing. My hair looks ammmmazing!


    2. I am going on a date

    I have another date. He is originally from Finland. It's like I get to travel without actually travelling. I saw this funny comedy routine today. An indian guys said " Indian mothers want you to marry a nice indian girl to continue the culture. He said " Mom, If I want to marry a nice girl that will continue the culture I'd marry a white girl. There is no one more interested in other peoples culture than a white girl. An indian girl might where a saree to a wedding but a white girl will wear it grocery shopping." LOL

    3. No dogs today

    Dogs are like a full time job. Especially when one of them is 8 months old and has no chill. You think they will kill each other. They make these crazy voices and just sound ridiculous. I am done with my dog watching gig. Grateful to have it and grateful that it's over.

    4. It's MONDAY!

    Monday's during summer vacation are great. I don't know what it is. Am I extra happy because other people are working and I am not?

    5. Women's Rights Protest Tomorrow

    I have never actually protested. I am not what you would call a feminist. I am not really a liberal. I just really don't like the government in my business. My sign will say " Sugar and Spice and Reproductive Rights" and "Her Body, Her Choice".

    6. Workout

    I worked out today. My hamstring was sore from pulling weeds but it felt good. I feel good.

    7. I feel a sense of freedom in my decision to leave the Catholic School

    I didn't even really know that this roe vs. wade was being overturned. The Catholic Church is the biggest cheerleader of anti abortions. I was sad about leaving it. There are great people in that community. My sense of self felt really diminished. I think I will feel more myself at a public school.

    8. I will probably make the same amount of money this week that I make with my teaching job.

    I am still working. Just not a 9-5 and not 40 hours a week. More like 20. I like it. I feel like I am accomplishing something.

    9. I am starting to get excited about Scandinavia.

    It's feeling real. I am planning outfits. I am paying back my sister. I still have 5 weeks but I am so excited to spend this girls trip with my mom and sister.

    10. I have plans for the 4th of July

    My friend invited me to her family's 4th of July celebration. I do something like once a decade on the 4th. I feel sad on all the other 4ths. I can't wait.

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