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10 reasons why I'm not using Instagram like I did

    1. I used to love Instagram

    When I first came across Instagram, I was so excited. I loved photography and this was a perfect app for me. I couldn't wait to access it. I even bought an iPhone as it was iOS only at the time.

    2. Over time things changed

    Over the past few years, Instagram, for me, has gone from being a vibrant place to somewhere at the other end of the spectrum. The focus has moved away from photos to video and to promotion and sales. I don't see as many of the posts I want to see any more.

    3. I don't feel the urge to post

    I've stopped posting on my grid although I do, occasionally, post on Stories.

    4. It doesn't bring me joy

    I used to love Instagram. Taking photographs and sharing them was my favourite thing. There was a sense of community and I found groups of people interested in the same things as me. Since then, it's become a different animal. Today in my feed, there was one account I followed, then a suggested Reel, a suggested account to follow and a sponsored post. This was the sequence for my entire feed.

    5. Little engagement

    I don't know if people don't see posts as much but engagement really dropped off, and doesn't appear to have recovered.

    6. Others leaving Instagram

    Some have left Instagram altogether, others have kept their account but are more or less absent.

    7. I spend more time on Twitter

    I went back to Twitter mid 2021 when I discovered Obsidian so that I could keep up to date with the Obsidian and writing communities on Twitter. I'd previously deleted my old Twitter accounts so started again. Twitter is working for me better than Instagram.

    8. I started writing more

    I started writing on Medium and Substack, and finding more fulfilment doing that.

    9. Apparently LinkedIn is the place

    I'm pondering how I can post more on LinkedIn and what content to share there.

    10. NotePD

    NotePD has become a great place for me to be. It's an amazing community. There's great engagement and encouragement, and it's definitely a happy place.

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